Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Corn of a Candied Variety

What a beautiful day it turned out to be in Farmington Hills!  Much to nice to stay inside and get done the things I was 'supposed' to be doing.  I had a fabulous time catching up with Jen this morning on our weekly walk, Kayla and I ran a quick errand to get the rest of the things I need for Friday's MOPS party, then we decided to head outside and play in the leaves!  OK, I raked, we made messes of the piles, then I raked again.  And I think that the Bean may be slightly confused as to what season it is as she spent a good chunk of her time outside racing her stuffed dogs around on the sled through the leaf piles.  Either way, thank you God for the absolutely gorgeous Fall Day.  I know it all likelihood we're not going to have too many more of them so it was nice to take full advantage of this one.

We actually just made it home from Halloween Storytime, so it has been quite the full day around here.  It made me think of the first time Dr. Gatchel and I went or last year with my favorite fire fighter.  Bottom line, they are getting too big too fast.  Someone figure out how to make it stop!  I have a feeling I'll be reminiscing again tomorrow night as we'll be attending Mikayla's first Halloween school party and then hopefully dashing over to Beechview for Noah's costume parade.  (One is at 9:15 the next is at 9:30 - go figure!  And the mere suggestion that Mommy go to one and Daddy the other caused meltdowns of an epic variety.  So we've promised both of them we will do everything to make it both.  Pray for Grant and I in the morning, hehehe)

We started the day off right with a trip to the bakery to pick out some donuts since it is National Buy A Donut day, as I mentioned yesterday.  Two words; Angry Birds.  As if getting donuts wasn't enough of a treat they actually both got donuts with Angry Birds rings in them.  Oh did I score the mom points this morning!  Did you have your purchased donut today?

It's also National Candy Corn Day.  I have mixed feelings on candy corn - what is it exactly?  I mean, does it really ever go bad and if not, what is in it that preserves it?  I suppose it's a Fall staple, so we'll just roll with it.  I made some candy corn bark as an after dinner treat and got creative with oranges, pineapple and whipped cream in a salute to candy corn that you'll have to check it out below.

I mentioned all the school party craziness going on tomorrow and we're hoping to catch "The Great Pumpkin" all together tomorrow night then.  And as promised - one creepy dinner! (I'm so excited!!!) And candied apples in there somewhere!  Until then...

Picking donuts this morning

 Their choices

 Chowing down

 First the Bean picked up all the big sticks in the yard

 Then she played :)

 My fruity play on candy corn

Candy Corn Bark

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