Friday, October 18, 2013

What up, Cupcake?

This morning, I received the following text from my husband:

"About you I was just told "this is the best cupcake I've ever had!  She's marvelous!" and they're now all gone."

I think we had a successful National Chocolate Cupcake Day - what do you think?  Yesterday Mikayla and I concocted some Chocoalte Surprise Cupcakes that Grant shared at work, I shared at Fun Run and we all dug into after dinner.  The recipe, which made 2 dozen only has one lonely cupcake left in my fridge at the moment.  Shell, we should have totally had this recipe for your wedding, I'm thinking :)

As I said, I shared some of the chocolatey goodness at Fun Run today.  Fun Run was a huge success.  I left my camera sitting on my counter this morning, so I'm an utter failure.  Well, at least as a photographer today.  As a member of the PTA Board I'd chalk it up to a good day.  We didn't quite meet our $10,000.00 goal but the school raised over $8,700 when all was said and done!  And I think the kids had a really good time.  I know I had a good time cheering them on.  I'm sure I looked like an utter fool (I think I might be getting that crazy lady reputation after my zumbaing last night and my enthusiasm today.  Oh well!) but it's all for a good cause, right?

In other exciting news I found out I'm going to get to go to the Lions game with Sarah, Matt and my Dad on Sunday - so stinkin' excited!  I have never been to Ford Field or a professional football game.  And shh, don't tell them, the Lions actually have a good team this year!  Can't wait!

Alright, in order for me to go on Sunday I've got a bunch to do tonight and tomorrow since my big pumpkin cheesecake party is on Monday, so I'm signing off for the night.  Big sports day around here tomorrow as Michigan plays and the Tigers attempt to even up the series with Boston.  Not sure my heart will be able to take it...  And it's oatmeal muffins and seafood bisque here as well.  So until then...

Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes

Cream Cheese and Mini Oreos - surprise!

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