Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rally Hats!

We're ready, are you?

Quick post tonight as the game starts in less than fifteen minutes and I don't think that my heart can take posting and watching at the same time again tonight.

Put we're donning our rally hats here tonight and hoping for a Tiger Victory!  My little princess has been asking pretty much every night since April when the Tigers are going to the World Series and I want to be able to tell her - soon!

We've had a good day around here:

Kayla's cat cookies were a huge hit at school!

I had multiple successful meetings :)

Noah's school raised enough money for Fun Run to earn them a "Wear Your PJ's to School" day tomorrow - Noah is so excited!

It's National Angel Food Cake Day and National Dessert Day and I made some Angel Food Cake cupcakes from scratch and shared them at all the place I was at today.  Note to self - next time ther is nothing wrong with using the cake box mix to make angel food cake- so much easier!  But I can say I've done it!

We took what might very well be one of our last bike rides of the season (brrrr, it's getting cold at 7pm at night around here now!) and all enjoyed ourselves.

And now the kiddos are getting temporary tattoos and we're all snuggling in for the game.  (We told them they could stay up and watch for half an hour)

So I'm cutting this off for the evening.  Sausage Pizza and World Egg Day tomorrow.  Until then...

Angel Food Cake Cupcakes

 This week is also National Pasta week so for dinner tonight we had Ravioli Cupcakes!

Mikayla got to bring home her class mascot (Buddy Bear) for the weekend and brought him with on our bike ride

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