Saturday, October 26, 2013

No Mincing Words Here

Happy National Mincemeat Pie Day!
Happy National Pumpkin Day!
Happy National Pretzel Day!

We had such a great day around here and both kiddos wanted to share their thoughts.  So instead of a bunch of senseless ramblings from me tonight, you get their senseless ramblings ;-)

Saturday October 26th as told by Mikayla:

I carved a pumpkin with Daddy. And I made Barry car at Home Depot. And I trick or treated at Home Depot.  And when I trick or treated at Home Depot I got a bracelet.  I ate lunch when we got back from Home Depot.  And then we dropped Noah and Daddy off at Spooky Buddies.  Then me and Mommy came.  And then after we were done doing other stuff we went to pick Iron Man and Daddy up.  And we trick or treated outside.  And we came back and had hot chocolate and pretzels with frosting and sprinkles on them.  And then I took a nap.  And then I woke up and we carved a pumpkin.  Then we ate dinner.  I had O'Brien potatoes and a biscuit.  And some things that had stars on them.  And then I had dessert.  And then I tried some pumpkin seeds after they cooled down.  Then we was finished and Noah took a shower.  I'm going to go in the bathtub in a few minutes.  I had a good day.

Saturday October 26th as told by Noah:

Today we went trick or treating.  And it was so fun.  Tomorrow we are going to go trick or treating, too.  I can't wait to go trick or treating again.  Halloween is the only time of year we get to go trick or treating.  I don't now why, but you just have to.  It was really fun actually.  This morning me and Mikayla builded a Home Depot car and it was so so fun.  And I hope we go again.  After I went to Home Depot we went to the movies.  We saw Spooky Buddies.  It was a mix up of serious and funny.  I remembered we had already seen it.  I don't know where we seen it, but I remember we've seen it.  I can't wait to see the movie Super Buddies.  After that we walking down to get Mommy and Mikayla and after that we went to go trick or treating.  It was so fun.  When I got home I had hot chocolate and orange covered pretzels.  After that we carved pumpkins.  Carving pumpkins was so fun, I liked punching the pumpkin pieces out and I liked scooping the guts out.  And then we had dinner.  I had a good day today.  Bye bye, I'll see you again!

Headed to the 'Mont tomorrow for Halloween festivities, so a post may be late if I manage to get one up at all.  So until then...

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

 Ariel and Iron Man ready for Halloween Fun

 Ariel built Barry (the Minion's) car at Home Depot this morning

 Aunt Shell, jealous much?

 Mincemeat Pie in tart form

 Pretzels and frosting for a snack

 My finished tarts - aren't the adorable?!?!

 Kayla missed out on going to Spooky Buddies because of some problems today, but she spent her 
'free' time building a train

 Trick or Treating in downtown Farmington Hills

 Time to carve

 I'm so glad my kids have no reservations about getting messy

 Noah carving

 My favorite part of pumpkin carving - roasting the seeds!

 Mikayla got to carve, too

 My favorite twosome with their finished pumpkin

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