Thursday, October 24, 2013

Plenty of Good Bologna

 My bologna has a first name...

OK, it's been running through my head ALL day - hope that it's now stuck in yours :)  Happy National Bologna Day!  I have to say that like hot dogs, I steer clear of bologna.  Not sure exactly what is in it, so it scares me just a touch.  My kiddos though, bring it on!  So the fried bologna casserole for dinner tonight - quite the hit!  *shudder*

It's also National Good & Plenty day.  (again, yuck!  Totally not one of my favorite days this year)  There's just something about those pepto bismol colored pink ones that is a little scary to me.  And not being a huge black licorice fan, well...  And I was kind of at a loss as to exactly how to celebrate other than just eat the candy.  So I came up with a game for us to play tonight - Good & Plenty ABC Bingo.  Both kiddos are working on recognizing and drawing both upper and lower case letters and I figured this would be fun and a way to practice.  It's that sneaky mom gene in me ;)  Oh, and bonus, Noah worked on his scissor skills to cut out the bingo cards.

It's otherwise been a good day.   After Kayla got out of school (they talked about triangles and witches today!) I took her, as promised to see if we could find 'Ariel hair' to complete her halloween costume.  Oh my gosh, best money I've spent in a long time!  You would have thought I had hung the moon.  I've got to admit she looks absolutely adorable.  Now, getting it off her head over the next few days may prove to be quite the challenge.

Noah, too, had a good day at school.  They measured themselves using apples and you'll all be interested to know that Noah is 16 apples tall.  He only has a half day tomorrow and he is so excited that his friend, Jonathan is coming over when they get out of school for some pumpkin carving, cookie making and leaf jumping.

Alright, I'm off to play some Good & Plenty Bingo.  Greasy foods tomorrow along with all the fun I mentioned above AND storytime with the Bean in the morning.  Plus I think we're having a Scooby Doo marathon :) Until then...

Not to be outdone by her brother yesterday, Kayla shows off he color sorting skills as well.

 The Little Mermaid showed up in my kitchen today

 Good & Plenty ABC Bingo

 Mikayla broke out he dust buster to suck up the leaves Daddy and Bella bring in

 Fried Bologna Casserole

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