Friday, October 4, 2013

On a Roll

I'm not full of anything interesting to say tonight (it's been a good productive day, though!) so I'm going to leave it at...

Happy National Cinnamon Roll Day (in Sweden)!

Happy National Taco Day!

Happy National Vodka Day!

We're heading to Home Depot for a build in the morning with one of Noah's friends, the library for Star Wars Reads Day with some friends in the early afternoon, back here for the Michigan Homecoming Game (Go Blue!) and some Tigers baseball (Go get 'em Tigers!) and some Apple Betty in there somewhere.  And lots of baking/cooking on my part.  Until then...

These are actually cinnamon roll cookies ready for the oven

 Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast, ready for the oven

 The cookies baked, pre-icing

 Yum yum yum (Noah ate 3 after dinner.  Grant took about 12 to the office and they brought the plate back to him in less than half an hour)

 Is there anything better than homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast?

 Kayla folding the socks for me this morning

 Who's that?

 Oh, Kayla and her owl at Story time this morning!

 Mikayla learned the benefits of sending mail today - sometimes you get a letter back!  Thanks Aunt Shell, you totally made her day!

 The front page of today's Free Press - go get 'em Tigers
 The fixings for our walking tacos

 The adults indulged in Strawberry Screwdrivers to celebrate National Vodka Day

 Walking tacos!

 The kids thought these were about the most fun ever

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