Friday, May 29, 2015

The Graduate

 It's official, the Bean is headed to kindergarten in the Fall!  She officially "graduated" from pre-school this afternoon and is ready for Beechview in a few months.  Look out world, here comes Mikayla Gatchel!

Receiving her certificate

The amazing Miss Stella


Singing "This Little Light"

A whole lotta class photos

Me and my baby girl

Their "Stella Stars" chart

Mikayla and Miss Stella

A piece of her artwork that Miss Stella has on display

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mmmm, Mmmm, jelly bean goodness!

Last night when we got home from our Lego adventure, I asked them what they wanted to do today; an art project, a science project or a cooking project.  ALL OF IT!  Of course :-p  Well I am a Mama who aims to please, so I decided to spend at least part of the day going crazy with jelly beans.  It's not like we have a few lying around....  And what do you do with THAT many jelly beans?  I mean, really.  (Though I've got to say I tagged quite a few recipes I may be trying out over the next few days...) We had to get our science experiment going first as it would eventually lead into our art project.

So I first had them separate some of the Sweet Tart jelly beans into different glasses.  I picked these for their smell! (You'll see later)

A beautiful rainbow

Which we added hot water to and let them go for awhile.  We predicted before adding the water what we thought would happen.  Each of the kiddos thought the water would change colors and the jelly beans would disappear completely.

In the meantime, we noticed the flag was up!

Dear My “Mmmm Mmmm, Good” Little Detectives,
Are you hungry?  I thought you might be, so I left you lunch.  But first, let me explain.

“In 1869, fruit merchant Joseph Campbell and icebox manufacturer Abraham Anderson started the Anderson & Campbell Preserve Company in Camden.  By 1877, the partners realized each had different visions for the company. Joseph Campbell bought Anderson’s share and expanded the business to include ketchup, salad dressing, mustard, and other sauces. Ready-to-serve Beefsteak Tomato Soup became a Campbell’s best seller.”
That’s right, the Campbell’s Soup Company was began and continues to be headquartered in my current whereabouts.  And it just so happens when I went sneaking around the headquarters the other day (I couldn’t resist!) I stole you each a can to try out.


Then I took off the labels.  Because I’m nasty like that, you know.  Oh, and hid them somewhere.  So here’s what you need to do.  First, solve my puzzle below.  In that location you will find three cans of soup AND two blank labels.  Color and cut out your own labels.  Then, chose a can and attach your new label to it.  Whatever is in your can will be your lunch today so choose wisely, my silly ones.

Riddle: Campbell’s also owns Pepperidge Farms.  Their most famous product comes in many different flavor varieties and may be something you’d like to have swim in your soup.  I’ve left a bag of the cheddar flavor in the place they are usually kept in your house.  I think you may find your soup there as well….

They knew right where we keep the Goldfish

And found their loot!

So they set to work designing their labels and made their choices

Kayla's soup

Noah's soup

Then we got to work on our jelly bean cooking.  We decided to make jelly bean pizzas to take with us to the slumber party at the Aben's tonight.

I swear, they don't even need me in the kitchen anymore.

Patting out the sugar cooking dough on their pans

We finished up and check back on our experiment.  The coating on all the beans dissolved but left the mushy middle which we taste tested.  Not nearly as strong of a flavor anymore!  But we did notice that the water took on the smell of the jelly beans.  Yum!

So for the art part of our day, we added flour to our experiment and made paint!  We noticed that the colors were much more muted but still smelled a bit like the beans

Painting away

Noah made Aunt Shell a minion!

They had quite the time with the paints

Then it was time to figure out what was in their mystery cans from Nita

Mikayla got ABC's and Noah got Frozen :-p  They were both please and devoured lunch.

We then mixed up some frosting and decorated their pizzas

Bound and determined to make a dent in those jelly beans today....


We watched the Tigers annihilate the Twins again this afternoon (11-0 woo hoo!) and got ready to head off to the slumber party with baths and packing up.  Grant should be home soon for a quick dinner and then we're off.  The big boys are going to check out a new bar (since they missed it when Beanie was in the hospital) while Colleen and I hang with the kiddos.  Not sure what to expect with this slumber party thing - Colleen is a much braver woman than I am :-p  I have a feeling I'll have 2 exhausted kiddos on my hands when they make it back this way tomorrow, though.  Hope they have some muscles left, got something fun and tasty planned.  (nope, no planned, in mind ;-) )   So until then... 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lego Time!

Plans change.  Including the kiddos and Grant going solo to the Lego build tonight.  Nope, decided I NEEDED to get out of the house.  So I joined them!  We had a blast :D  Had to share the pictures right away.  More tomorrow!  (Maybe) Until then...

They were so good, we got there and they got their cards

And we waited in line for almost an hour to get in

And the building began


Noah's completed build

Kayla too!

And an obligatory pose with a mini storm trooper made of Lego - perfect!