Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Moves Like Daddy

Tonight Noah and I utilized our fabulous library for Halloween story time. Can I just say again how much I love the library here? They have so many fabulous programs! Noah and I had a blast together! He even said to me, out of the middle of nowhere "I think you're the best Mommy ever." Heart = melted.

To continue our date night, we went and grabbed ice cream together afterward. Over the radio at the ice cream parlor what I consider to be one of the most annoying songs EVER 'Moves Like Jagger' comes on. Noah asks me what it's called and I tell him. Dead-pan the kiddo looks at me and says "No Mom, I think it should be Moves Like Daddy" I laughed so hard tears came to my eyes (Yes, everyone there was probably convinced I was nuts). Considering the fun I had, I think Noah and I need to have Date Night more often.

Dr. Gatchel and I

I love my kiddo!

He got to make a pumpkin

And ice cream, too!

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