Monday, October 7, 2013

It's all Frappe to Me

I feel like I have been perpetually running 20 minutes behind today.

I either mis-set my alarm or managed to hit snooze on it twice this morning and ended up getting moving about twenty minutes later than I normally do.  Not really a big deal because with my twosome I build in plenty of buffer time in the morning, but still a bit disconcerting.  We managed to make it to the bus in plenty of time, but by the time we got back and Mikayla and I got things figured out around here to be able to head out the door to make it grocery shopping we were about fifteen minutes behind my 'shoot for' time.  No biggie.

We did our shopping and of course I managed to pick the slowest check-out line (doesn't it ALWAYS seem like that?) as we were literally in line to check out for twenty minutes.  We made it home (barely) in time for the start of the Tigers game (which bozo thought it was a good idea to schedule a play off game at 1pm on a Monday?) and to get some lunch.  Between prepping dinner, getting the groceries put away, cleaning up, feeding Kayla and a thousand other little things that pop up, it was time for me to go into work then to get Noah from the bus before I knew it.  And this silly Mama didn't remember to grab an umbrella on the way to the bus and we got stuck in a downpour.  The three of us ran home from the bus stop this afternoon - good exercise, right?

But other than a Tigers loss and just feeling a touch 'off' it's been a good Monday.  Noah had a good day at school, Kayla was fun to hang out with today, everyone made it through dinner unscathed - these are the true measures of a good day, right.

In the meantime, first and most important of all the celebrating today:


A very happy 25th birthday to my favorite youngest sister.  I hope you had a wonderful day, babe.  That Dudley and Barry treated you wonderfully (the kids wanted to know what Barry got you for your birthday, by the way) and that you enjoyed yourself.  Many happy returns to the day!  Love you!


Happy National Frappe Day.  I was surprised to learn that a frappe is actually a fruit based drink, not coffee. We had some really yummy mango frappes with dinner that were mango, orange juice, lime juice, club soda and only 2 ice cubes!  The kids loved them and are already asking when I can make them again.  Score!

Tomorrow is a big day around here on many levels.  First, it's do or die for my beloved Tigers.  Hear that boys?  It's win or season over; no pressure.  Mikayla has only been asking for months when you're going to the World Series.  Get it in gear!

Secondly (and it's honestly hard to say which is really more important/anticipated around here) it is also National Pirogi Day.  I so wish I was going to be seeing my Dad.  I'll fill all of you in tomorrow about all things Pirogi!  It's also National Fluffernutter Day, so that should be fun.

Until then...

Noah's going on a field trip tomorrow and has to take his lunch in a brown bag.  Mikayla and I decided it needed to be decorated :)

 Noah and Kayla were coloring on my windows this afternoon.  I know it's really hard to see, but I had to share Noah's picture.  On the left is a very small flower being rained on.  On the right is that same flower, having grown with the sun shining on it.  As he's showing it and explaining it to me he says "It's a cycle Mom, cool, huh?"  Chalk one up for education!

 Whipping up some frappes

Mango Frappe

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