Monday, October 28, 2013

Wild About Chocolate

The title of tonight's post so does not describe me.  During my dip in the gene pool not only did I completely by-pass the shoe and purse section, only lightly stuck my toe in the shopping area, clearly avoided the pink/girly/princess thing, but I also steered clear of the deeply embedded desire for everything chocolate.  Just not my thing really.  Though I will admit, pretzel M&M's, most amazing creation EVER.

My kiddos at the point are pretty similar.  The average night Mikayla will skip dessert all together if it isn't a 'food' we are celebrating.  Grant enjoys it, especially if it's paired with peanut butter or wrapped around the white peppermint filling to create a Junior Mint.

So on National Chocolate Day I wanted to celebrate chocolate in a way that wasn't quite so obvious.  So we had Chicken Mole for dinner tonight.  There's lots of different types of Mole sauce, but mine definitely contained quite a bit of chocolate.  Something completely different which everyone here ended up liking.  And of course, I had to celebrate a little more traditionally, too with some hot chocolate and a dessert that I created am am calling "Chocolate Candy Bar Fluff" - take one of pretty much every candy bar we collected yesterday, a pack of hot chocolate mix and some cool whip, mix well, chill and watch your kiddos eyes pop out of their head.  Genius, I tell ya ;-)  Honestly, for my twosome it was more the cool whip then the chocolate that enticed them.

It's also National Wild Food Day.  I was tempted to go into my backyard and pick something off of one of them many bushes and trees, but figured that might not be the safest idea.  So instead I went with a wild rice dish - completely opposite end of the spectrum.  So there, wild foods.

In other news today, Chase Bank and I almost came to blows as I got caught up with their 'customer service' for nearly an hour today after my card was inexplicably denied at both of the grocery stores I ventured to this morning.  I did fortunately eventually get it figured out (there was a hold placed on the account but they can't tell me why.  Grrrrrr.....) but what a frustrating way to spend a good chunk of my day.  Bounced around an automated system for quite some time and then when I finally did get a human being English was obviously not their native language so I had more than a little difficulty understanding what was going on.

Mikayla and Noah both had good days themselves and we're off to skype with the Kunkle's here in just a bit.  Looking forward to seeing Little Miss Lilian (who celebrated her first birthday yesterday!) my bestie and Arthur, too ;-)  So going to sign off for the evening and make sure my kiddos are ready for bed before we skype.  Oatmeal (now there's a food I LOVE!) tomorrow and we're hopefully going to track down a new microwave, too.  So until then....

Mikayla refuses to acknowledge that winter is coming and is still insisting on wearing her summer clothes.  I did convince her she had to wear long sleeves underneath and leggings...

 Just some of the many different types of chocolate my trick or treaters scored yesterday

 Wild rice

 Chicken Mole

 Wild rice casserole

 Mmmm, hot chocolate!

Chocolate Candy Bar Fluff

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