Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Purge

I mentioned last night that my goal for today was to clean out my closet as part of my plan to spend the month getting organized.  What I failed to mention is that I hate cleaning out my closet.  I am ridiculously sentimental about the most inane things sometimes.  I mean, the dress that I wore to my eighth grade graduation, it's probably way past time to give that up.  That blue really soft sweater that my first serious boyfriend bought me our first Christmas together - I guarantee he doesn't remember (or care) so it should probably go, right?  The oversized sweatpants that I wore to be comfy when pregnant with both kiddos that now could probably fit three of me in, definitely time to let go of.  The pretty pink dress with lace that I wore to my wedding rehearsal that is at least 5 sizes too big now, probably not going to ever actually wear that one again so why is it still in my closet?

Because it's HARD to let those things go.

Hence why I hate to clean up my closet.  But I went in this time with the mindset of doing a very serious cleaning out (and yes, all those things mentioned above are now history) and actually stuck to it.  And I didn't just stop with my main closet - I did my summer/dressy items too and my coats/sweatshirts, too.  And both dressers.  And the shoes.  I was a woman on a mission.  And admittedly, three plus hours later I felt wonderful.

And ready to go shopping. (just kidding!)

Kayla was good about helping me and she ended up throwing a tea party in my bedroom while I worked.  She is good about at least somewhat entertaining herself (if I point her in a direction, get her started, give her some ideas she will usually run with it.  She spent an hour plus drawing on a dry erase board contentedly without a peep) which was helpful.  Trying to come up with something fun she and I can do maybe on Friday just the two of us.

While Grant mowed the lawn tonight the kiddos and I played outside for a bit, enjoying the warm weather.  Then Kayla helped me with the dishes (they argue over this now.  May I always be so blessed) while Noah jumped in the tub, then they switched and Noah and I got to play some shape bingo.  He's doing really well with shapes, patterns, sorting and colors and I'll sneak in a little learning however we can :)

Right now I've got the AL Wildcard game on (Go Tampa Bay!), just put together the fixings for a batch of apple cider to cook all night so I can take it to MOPS with me in the morning and am keeping an eye on my caramel custards that are baking for tomorrow.

And no, I didn't forget today's celebration.  Happy National Fried Scallop Day!  Since it didn't specify deep fried I decided to go with a little healthier alternative and whipped us up some scallop and veggie stir fry tonight.  My kids (who never fail to surprise me with this) have had scallops before and love them so yeah for a well received meal!

Like I said before, caramel custard tomorrow!  And MOPS!  And school for both!  Oh, and the return of musical storytime!  Woo hoo!  Until then...

Finally finished my fall wreath last night!  So happy with how it came out :)

 I also got crafty for the kiddos last night. They are constantly 'arguing' about their cup in the bathroom so I made them each their own :)

 My door is not ready for Fall

 Jen, bless her, brought me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers this morning.  What a great friend!

 Sleeping Beauty ready for her tea party

 If only I could get her to hold still!

 All the hangers from the purge

 Goodwill bound

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