Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween in the 'Mont

We headed down to Fremont today to catch up with the fam and have some Halloween Fun.  Trick or Treat in Fremont is kind of nutso to put it mildly.  My parents live on 'the' area of Fremont for trick or treating.  To give you an idea of how many kiddos they have - my mom says they bought $40 worth of candy and Shell and Dudley supplied an additional large bag themselves.  Trick or teat started at 4:30.  By 5:30 we were out of candy.  No joke, and honestly, I thought this year was kind of lighter than years past, especially given how nice the weather was.  (I don't know that we saw fifty degrees but the sun was out which beats the heck of last years rain and wind)

We also got to catch up with Scott and his lovely girlfriend, for Cassandra, for awhile, in addition to my parents, Shell and Dudley.  There was feasting (my mom made the traditional vegetable soup in the crock pot for post-treating dinner.  And Scott had to remind us of the rule - no candy until you have at least one bowl of soup), pumpkin carving (who knew that Dudley has mad pumpkin carving skills??) and of course, plenty of candy.  My twosome was more than a little wound for most of the day and the entire car ride home 'til about 8 Mile when they FINALLY crashed and burned.  I have a feeling tomorrow might be a looonnnnggg day.  Oh, and special shout-outs to my Dad, who trooped around with Grant and the kids for a solid hour, and Shell, who I think may have read herself hoarse.

And don't, worry, I didn't forget it's National Potato Day.  (It's also National American Beer Day.  I saw at least one cracked open in the 'Mont today, just no pics ;-) )  I made a Potato Coffee Cake which we feasted on for breakfast and also enjoyed this evening with the vegetable soup.

Back to school tomorrow, along with some chocolate and wild foods.  Hmm, should be interesting.  I don't think after today there is any shortage of chocolate in the house, but we may have to try a little harder with the wild foods.  Until then...

 Potato Coffee Cake

Papa got a new chair - it's perfect for all three of them to play Angry Birds together

 Gutting the pumpkin

 How many hands can fit in the pumpkin at one time?

 Uncle Dudley carves, Noah observes

 Miss Cassandra preps Ariel

 Aunt Shellie tackles Iron Man

 Posing with Uncle Dudley

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