Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Dark and Stormy Night

As beautiful as yesterday was, today was as dismal.  We woke up to the rain and it hasn't let up since.  So glad that we got all our trick or treating in over the weekend and we didn't have to brave the storms this evening.  I'm going to tell our day in pictures today, as I don't think I can remember to cover it all otherwise! Happy Halloween!

(A Note from Kayla:  I had bloody rats!  They were yummy!  Happy Halloween!!)

(Side Note from Mommy:  Mikayla yelled "ow" every time I cut into her rat at dinner tonight, hysterical!)

Pumpkin Jack O'Lantern Pancakes for breakfast

 Kayla's class getting ready for their fashion show

 Mrs. Porto was replaced by Cinderella today  (And a mad shout out to her because she made Grant and my job as a parent so much easier this morning!  Kayla's costume show started at OLS at 9:15, Noah's Parade at Beechview at 9:30.  Mrs. Porto allowed Mikayla to go first this morning so Grant and I were able to be there for that and then race to Noah's school and catch the parade just as it was starting!)

 Cinderella meets Ariel

 And takes a bow

 The kindergartners parade at Beechview

 You can pick out Iron Man if you look really close!

 Stuffed Cockroaches for dinner

 Crusty scabs for dinner

 The start of today's food - Candied Apples!

 Our neighbor Tina, bless her, made Noah and Kayla their own Halloween bags.  
What a wonderful gesture!

 Mikayla digs into her bag

 Clementine pumpkins for tomorrow's MOPS party :)

 Noah sorts the candy

 A package from Uncle Keith - thanks Uncle Keith!

 Green Goblin Juice

 With booger ice cubes :)

 Chunky Pumpkin Barf (Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin, Bacon, Pecans and maple syrup)

Happy National Candied Apple Day!

And the main course for dinner (my original picture was deleted, so sad, so you'll have to settle for this one) Bloodied Rats!

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  1. Oh, my!! Such a full and fun day! All the food looks yummy - I'm sure it was! Happy Halloween!!