Wednesday, October 16, 2013

All Liqueuered Up

Mikayla and I were quite the Kitchen divas today, creating a little bit of everything.  She more than earned her dollar for tomorrow night by helping me make cookies, a cake and tomorrow's dinner.  I highly enjoyed my morning with her - her imagination is on overdrive lately.  After spending quite some time playing with her castle this morning (I so wish I would have taped some of the conversations "Snow White" and "Cinderella" were having....) she was so diligent about helping me.  We had lengthy discussion about the different foods we were using (Mikayla likes prunes she says.  They're like raisins but puffier) and the spices and herbs - all of which we had to smell before adding to our creations.

I also got to spend some time this morning with a friend who not only listened but offered some well timed advice.  Every so often I need the reminder that 1) I am only one person and 2) my expectations of myself should not be the same as my expectations of other people because that is grossly unfair.  And as Pete the Cat would say "It's All Good"

In other news, we're not even going to talk about another Tigers disaster (it's quarter 'til eight right now and I have yet to decide if I"m going to actually watch tonight's game or not I'm so frustrated).  But Happy National Liqueur Day.  Last night I made some homemade coffee liqueur which Kayla and I used to make some chocolate coffee liqueur cookies.  It's also National Kraut Sandwich week and we had turkey ruebens for dinner.  Well, a bit of a twist on a turkey rueben as my recipe substituted mayo and hot sauce for the thousand island dressing and provolone for swiss as my kiddos don't like it.  The result was a sandwich which everyone LOVED - Noah even said it made him like sauerkraut.  I love easy dinners...

Busy day tomorrow with MOPS and Family Fun Night at Beechview in addition to celebrating prunes and pasta!  (And I'm REALLY hoping a Tigers win)  Until then...

Mikayla playing with her princesses this morning

 My favorite kitchen helper 

 Waiting patiently for her turn to stir when the mixer is done

 Stirring away

 Our chocolate coffee liqueur cookies ready for the oven

 In the meantime, we started work on an old fashioned prune cake

 And some pasta e fagoli soup

 The cookies made it!

 One of my friends asked to be 'adopted' for National Liqueur Day so I put her together a care package :)
 Happy National Kraut Sandwich Week

My favorite use of my homemade coffee liqueur - White Russians!

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