Sunday, October 6, 2013

Noodlin' Around

Did you miss me yesterday?  Wasn't it kind of my better half to post on behalf of our day?  I thought he did a fabulous job :)  And we did have fun yesterday!  And the Wolverines won!  (We won't talk about the Tigers)

Today was a rainy Sunday around here which we'd kind of been anticipating all week.  I had mentioned earlier in the week to Grant that I didn't much want to 'do' anything on Sunday (given we were going pretty much all day yesterday) but I'd really like to have a good chunk of the day to tackle a project that I'd been wanting to get to for awhile - cleaning and decluttering the play room.

So I set my crock pot to cooking this morning so we could celebrate National Noodle Day (Chicken and Noodles, a HUGE favorite and standby around here) and dove in.  I won't bore you with the details or grunge I encountered, but let's just say it's past 8:30 here and I'm just now finished.  But it is beautiful!  And I was even able to get the kiddos (with little argument really) to part with some things they no longer play with (as long as I agreed to take them to MOPS so that their friends there could now play with them) and create spaces for each of them and their things.  Tired as I am right now (I used tools on my vacuum I didn't even know it had, hehe) I am pleased as punch that it is actually finished.

And yes, I'm aware that this time tomorrow they will no doubt have turned it upside down again, but at least for the next ten hours while they are asleep my obsessive compulsive heart is going to be happy knowing it is all neat and organized and everything is in its place.

While I made heads or tails of the playroom, Grant and the kiddos ran some errands this morning, made a trip to the library to get new books (Bella is delighted to have trimmed toenails and got a new brush that Grant used and I swear brushed out an entire additional dogs worth of fur) and then worked on building their droids they brought home from the library this afternoon.  I think they really enjoyed having a day where Daddy showered attention on them (and I appreciated that they weren't underfoot in the playroom while I worked)

Back to school and work tomorrow, and we'll be celebrating with frappes!  Oh, and an even bigger celebration an AUNT SHELLIE BIRTHDAY!  So until then...

Building droids with Daddy

 Noah's droid

 Grant also got clever with ping pong ball games (don't they have an awesome daddy???)

 Chicken and Noodles (a la Bob Evans)

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