Sunday, October 20, 2013

Brandied Pumpkin Palooza

Mommy was privileged enough to be invited to a special event for the better part of the day (more on that tomorrow), so today it was just me and the two "characters". This morning they got all dressed up in their Halloween costumes and helped do some chores around the house. With Iron Man and Ariel, we dusted and straightened the pictures around the house and tried to get a little cleaning done. It is always easier when you have a super hero and a princess to help out.

After lunch we headed down to Plymouth for their 2013 Pumpkin Palooza festival that was taking place downtown. Unlike last year, we came prepared with our costumes and bags ready for some fun. There was a decent crowd with some really cute outfits and clever costumes; one dad was dressed up as Luigi, the mom as Princess Peach, and their little boy as Mario with the mustache and everything. Even the dogs were dressed up! We did some trick-or-treating, watched a dance troupe do a really cool choreographed routine to Michael Jackson's "Thriller", saw quite a few scarecrows entered into a contest, and played some games like Pumpkin Golf and Pumpkin Bowling. Both Noah and Mikayla got recognition from other kids going "Look! It's Iron Man!" or "Mommy! Mommy! It's Ariel! See?!" :)

Later, when Mommy came home, she made us some delicious brandied bananas over chocolate ice cream (I'm salivating just thinking about it).

Until next time...

I think maybe I should consider a costume when I do housework...

♫♪"'Cause this is THRILLER! Thriller Night..."♫♩

Somehow Mikayla's pumpkin failed to even reach the bottles on the first try.

In Noah-fashion, his first pumpkin was rolled so hard it almost spilled its guts

Noah's favorite scarecrow

Mikayla's favorite scarecrow

Don't you wish technology was advanced enough to smell this from your computer right now?

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