Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Little Mold Never Hurt Anyone, Right?

The Tigers won last night!  They of course couldn't do anything the easy way and took it down all the way to the ninth (they went into the inning up 8-4 and Benoit gave up 2 and then had a runner on, so they tying run at the plate - it was like Valverde all over again...) but they overcame!  So we get to do all the drama over again tomorrow night.  We've already told the kids they could stay up half an hour late since the game doesn't start 'til eight.

In the meantime, we're five weeks into the school year and I'm just starting to realize that the life of a stay at home Mom isn't any less crazy/hectic/jam packed because they are in school.  If anything, because I've taken on some additional responsibilities this year (MOPS, PTA, etc) it is even crazier!  I'd been looking forward to today because I thought Kayla and I would get to have a day at home without having a whole bunch to do.  Ha, yeah right!  We spent four hours today creating in the kitchen together between her snack for school tomorrow, her lunch (Squid dogs!), angel food cupcakes with their frosting for tomorrow, dinner for tonight, prepping lunches for tomorrow since we had all the sandwich stuff out and no one will be home after 9am tomorrow, a dessert for tonight that flopped and we didn't even end up having (stupid pinterest sometimes) and dinner for tomorrow since I have no idea when I'll actually make it home tomorrow.  Honestly, by myself I probably could have knocked it out in 2 hours, but my favorite Bean wanted to 'help' and I was glad to have her, but it quickly shot my 'I may have 20 mins to take a power nap this afternoon' theory in the foot.  Oh well, we were very productive, she is one happy girl (wait 'til you see below what she and I made for her treat!) and I'm breathing a sigh of relief at almost 9pm that it's all gotten done.

That being said...

Happy National Moldy Cheese Day!  I made a Blue Cheese cole slaw to accompany dinner tonight.  Noah was so funny - he asked if he could try just a piece of blue cheese and I said, sure, and he popped it in his mouth and decided he loved it.  A few seconds later he says "Um, Mom, I don't really like how this tastes afterward"  Grant, who isn't a huge blue cheese fan himself, agreed.  But everyone enjoyed the slaw nonetheless as the taste wasn't overpowering.


Happy National Submarine Sandwich Day!  I pulled out a loaf of homemade French Bread and went to town creating the ultimate sub sandwich today - a little bit of everything!  My Mom, who I consider an expert at making sub sandwiches, hopefully would've been proud of my efforts.

As I mentioned, tomorrow is crazy.  Both kids have school, Kayla is taking snack, I have a MOPS Steering meeting, am picking up Kayla and then heading to a PTA Board meeting before coming back here to work at my office for a bit before picking up Noah.  We're celebrating Angel Food Cake (and pasta - can't wait to share those pics - as it is National Pasta week) and what we're hoping is a Tigers WIN!  Ah, the insanity!  Until then...

Moldy Cheese anyone?

 Kayla ready to make some cat cookies!

 Our black cats are ready for the oven

 Eyes, noses and whiskers!

 She is so stinkin' proud of how these came out!

 I love cute food!

 Since we were home, we made squid dogs for lunch

 A sneak peek at my angel food cupcakes (made from scratch, btw)

 A sub fit for a king

 Polly Pockets and the fire station came out to play after Noah got home

 Blue Cheese slaw

Happy National Submarine Sandwich Day!

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