Friday, October 11, 2013

Pie In the Sky


Apparently the Tigers heard us all the way in Oakland last night because they handled business (Verlander you ROCKED it!) and won the series.  And Miggy FINALLY stepped up and homered again (though I'm sticking by my theory of maybe they need to not start him a game and see what happens) and though I totally disagree with the decision NOT to start him, Ingelsias did make it into the game in the 9th.  We're in Boston tomorrow night and I'm hoping the momentum they've created the past two games follows them across the country.  C'mon boys, you owe Kayla four more wins to make it to the Series...

In other Friday news, thank goodness we made it to the weekend.  I am not honestly sure where this week went (it was supposed to be a low key laid back week - HA!) but we made it through.  There must be something in the air, though, as both Noah and Mikayla were in quite the moods tonight.  Noah got in trouble not only at school today (2nd week in a row I've gotten a note home, uggghhh) but on the bus, too.  I thought he'd have a great day as it turned out that Beechview made its quota for Fun Run and he actually got to wear his PJ's to school today.  And, as I found out on my coffee break with a friend and fellow board member this morning, he won a raffle today!  Thanks again to everyone who sponsored him for Fun Run - it is making a difference!  Hoping that the weekend chills them both out and gets things back on track.

In other news, Happy National Sausage Pizza Day!  I made a deep dish sausage pizza for dinner tonight that everyone loved.  Homemade pizza is the best - fresh dough from my bread machine, toppings that we want in the amount we want them - yum!

It's also World Egg Day.  And of course, you know me, I couldn't do things the easy way like make scrambled eggs from breakfast or something, no I wanted to find a truly worldly recipe, so I made Greek Egg Biscuits.  And oh my, yum!  Think those butter cookies in the blue tin you get around Christmas time.  Dad, I'm totally bringing you some of these tomorrow along with some of the pierogi from earlier this week (just don't tell Grant, OK?).

Speaking of tomorrow (this is Noah's new favorite segue in just about any conversation, so I'm borrowing it) we're off to catch up with my parents at the Toledo Zoo and then back here for gumbo, Wolverines and Tigers!!  Not sure which of these things to be most excited about!  So until then...

Happy National Sausage Pizza Day!

Greek Egg Biscuits

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