Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sewing Wild Oats

You know it's been one of 'those' days when it ends in an epic meltdown from the Bean about wearing green underwear to bed.  The fact that it didn't match her clothing selection for tomorrow was apparently a little too much for her to take tonight.  So Grant and I in our infinite parent wisdom said "OK", kissed her, turned on the night lights, told her we loved her and that her pj's and underoos were right here for whenever she was ready for them, turned out the lights, and shut the door on her naked tantrum throwing self.  Thirty minutes later, a sniffling but fully clothed (including green underwear!) Mikayla turned up in my kitchen, apologized, wrapped herself around my legs, told me she loved me and dashed back to bed.  Oh yes, totally one of those days....

As I mentioned yesterday I'm pretty indifferent on the whole chocolate thing.  But today's food is a staple in my house, an every day occurrence for me, bland and boring as some may thing it is, one of my favorite foods - oatmeal!  And I managed to serve it every which-a-way to my crew today.  We had a breakfast crisp, honey oatmeal bread (love the way this made my kitchen smell!), tomato oatmeal soup, strawberry yogurt with the leftover pieces of the breakfast crisp mixed in, and oatmeal pudding no-bake cookies for dessert.  I think that after today my family's digestive tracks will be fairly cleaned out...

We also went microwave hunting tonight and not sure if we've settled or not.  I will readily admit my ignorance on this one and was a bit baffled at the thought of purchasing a $200 microwave.  Didn't I get one in college for like $35???  And granted, that was probably not the most stellar appliance and I'd like something a little nice than that, but six times as nice?

I'm also starting to prep for our crazy Halloween dinner.  Remember last year? Think I can top it?  My kiddos are anxiously awaiting Thursday night...

Alright, candy corn tomorrow.  Oh, and just a head's up because everyone out there can celebrate this one - tomorrow is also National Buy A Donut Day.  I'm taking my twosome out early to let them pick out a breakfast treat!  Until then...

Breakfast crisp

 Kayla helped me make cookies when she got home from school

 Oatmeal Pudding No-Bakes

 Honey Oatmeal Bread (I love my bread machine!)

 Tomato Oatmeal Soup (Ok, I know this sounds really weird but it was so good (and I don't like tomato soup)  Noah absolutely adored it (he was scooping it up with his bread)  Sometimes the out there recipes that I pick that I think are going to be a hard sell are what everyone around here ends up enjoying the most)

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