Monday, October 14, 2013

Let 'em eat bugs!

We've had another blog invasion...

I want to say hi.  This is Mikayla.  (ummm, hmmmm)  I went shopping with Mommy to get some food that Mommy needs and, um, we got milk 'cause Mommy ran out of milk and at both of the stores I be'd good and I got Wheels and Cheese at the store because I be'd good at the stores.  And I played with my putty two times.  And after we picked up Noah I played with my putty again.  And then Daddy got home.  And then we ate dinner.  Carrots was in the pasta.  And we had a 'log' (see below) and pears.  And pasta.  I ate a black bug.  And then I ate the rest of my food.  I finished my dinner.  I had a bug for dessert (see below) and the bug had eyeballs on it.  After dinner I took a bath and then I got dressed, Barry is on my pj's, he's Aunt Shellie's favorite.  And Aunt Shellie likes penguins.  (Interruption from Daddy asking Kayla about eating meal worms) I like meal worms.  Nothing else.  Goodbye.

Thursday night is Family Fun & Fitness Night at Beechview and one of the events is a basket raffle.  The teachers are invited to make baskets filled with their favorite things and then anyone can enter each raffle for $1.  Grant and I told the kiddos last night that each day this week they can earn $1 by doing a chore.  Tonight Noah successfully dried and helped put away all the dishes and Kayla's job was to tell me about her day so I could share it with all of you on the blog :)  Be looking for a post from Noah at some point this week too, I'm sure.

As Mikayla mentioned above, she ate a bug!  Actually, we all ate bugs!  Happy National Chocolate Covered Insect Day!  (It's also National Dessert Day - again.  One of my calendars had it as last Thursday and one has it as today.  Regardless, I had it covered both days ;-) )  But back to the bugs.  As I said yesterday we found chocolate covered insects yesterday and to kick off dinner tonight Kayla and I chowed down on meal worms while Noah and Grant had crickets.  I was so proud of my whole crew for trying something totally out there without any big to do.  I think we might all be picking bug parts out of our teeth for the next few days, but it was still fun.  To make up for it, I also made chocolate ants on a log and some really cool chocolate covered insects that were a definite hit for dessert :)

I'm heading to OLS with Kayla tomorrow to spend my morning volunteering in her classroom.  Two and a half hours filled with ramblings like the above times 16 - should be an adventure.  We're also celebrating chicken cattciatore (so using your recipe, Mama!) and I will admit right now I've failed epicly attempting to come up with something for Roast Pheasant so we're skipping it.  I couldn't even come up with a funny play on it in some way.  If anyone has an idea, let me know.  Plus the Tigers play tomorrow afternoon - woo hoo!  (Nope, not even talking about the game last night)  Until then...

Crickets and Meal worms, oh boy

 Chocolate ants on a log

 Noah was a trooper about eating a chocolate covered cricket!

This is how we celebrate chocolate covered insects (6 legs!) around here ;-)

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