Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Homemade Veggies

Noah's salute in song (and dance) to the first day of October:

Happy First Day of October!  (clap clap)
Happy First Day of October! (clap clap)
You will have fun on the first day of October!
Some people go on vacation to see their family! (clap clap)
(Then do the back stroke)

I so wish that I could recorded this to share with everyone this evening.  Both Grant and I about lost it.  He broached the subject over dessert (Happy National Homemade Cookie Day!) tonight that he thought we should celebrate the first day of October.  I asked him how and he said maybe games and a song.  I told him to knock himself out with the song and the above was created instantaneously.  Oh how I love those moments of pure creativity.

In other news, Happy World Vegetarian Day.  I figured that if we were celebrating national holidays we had to celebrate ones for the whole world since the nation was part of the world.  Only seemed fitting.  So we all went sans meat tonight with some mac and cheese cupcakes, baked apples, heart jello and zucchini sticks.  The mac & cheese cupcakes were a huge hit!

Then of course I had to make cookies today.  And I decided to blend our two celebrations and Kayla and I whipped up a batch of oatmeal zucchini cookies.  I think if I had shredded the zucchini on a finer setting you wouldn't have even been able to see it and know that it was there they were so tasty.  Plus they had no added white or brown sugar (used honey instead) and used all whole wheat flour.  Kind of fun and different.

I spent my day tackling laundry (the most thankless never ending task EVER) and some other chores in addition to my kitchen creations.  I've also decided that October around here is going to be organizing month.  I've made a whole list of things that I want to tackle and have decided to break them in smaller chunks and make my goal to accomplish just one each day.  They're those little projects that I just never seem to get to (ie today was clean out my sock/undergarment drawer.  It's remarkable how much more space you have when you throw away the socks with holes in them...)  I figure by the end of October I'll have 31 things checked off my list which will make me one very happy girl. 

Jen was under the weather this morning so hoping to catch up with her tomorrow and then I'm going to tackle my closet (groan...)  They'll also be some (stir) fried scallops around here tomorrow and who knows what else.  Until then... 
Kayla ready to make some cookies

 She wanted to shred the zucchini (her mama wanted her to keep all her fingers and vetoed this idea shortly after snapping the pic)

 Dough form

 Fresh outta the oven

 No meat here tonight!

Mini mac & cheese cupcakes (definitely a do these again recipe here tonight)

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