Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday with Friends and a side of Grease

For some strange reason (don't even get me started on the odd scheduling the Farmington School District has worked out this year.  Delayed starts of an hour once a month, really?) Noah had a half day at school today.  Which in all reality, worked out PERFECTLY because it gave us the chance to spend an afternoon the his friend Jonathan and his Mom (who I am so blessed to be able to call a friend!) Jennifer.  The kids had a GREAT time playing together, painting pumpkins, eating frosting, um I mean, decorating cookies, and just enjoying themselves.  And don't worry, Kayla got some time with friends this morning when we met up with some of the MOPS moms for story time at the library.  As an added bonus, we got to see a real live raccoon during story time this morning.  They wrapped up their month on animals that live in the area with a local grandfather who brought in a raccoon and explained the kids (and most of the adults) the differences between a nocturnal, diurnal and crepuscular animal.  Five bonus points if you know what the last one is and if you can name an animal that fits into that category.  (I'll tell you below the last picture)

Tonight, we're celebrating Greasy Foods!  And I decided to go ALL out.  When you think grease what comes to mind?  Burgers?  Pizza?  Bacon? - how about all three in one?  I made an upside down Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza for dinner.  And of course, didn't stop at that.  For dessert tonight I dug out a recipe I had seen over the summer for homemade funnel cakes.  I am so glad I remembered it - how much fun!  Super easy too.  And demolished would be the best way to describe what my family did to them. As I type Noah is still polishing off the end of it.

Full day tomorrow with all kinds of Halloween activities.  Headed to Home Depot in the morning (think either of my kiddos have a shot at winning the costume contest this year?) and hopefully Halloween Story Time.  Then, if the weather cooperates, trick or treat in downtown Farmington and possibly the Trunk or Treat at the Church my MOPS group meets at.  Phew, busy busy busy!  And in there we need to manage to celebrate pumpkin, pretzels and mincemeat pie. (which doesn't actually have any meat in it, fyi)  So until then....

Jonathan, Noah and Kayla painting pumpkins

 Cookie Time!

 Noah's creations

 Jonathan's masterpieces

 Bacon Cheeseburger Upside Down Pizza

 Funnel Cake in all its greasy goodness

Num num num num num

(A crepuscular animal is one that eats during the day AND at night.  An example would be a deer that eats early in the morning and then chews its cud and eats again at night.  Now you now!)

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