Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Canned Boston

Irony two days in a row - say it isn't so!  Tonight is the Opening Game of the 2013 World Series.  A game I completely believed back in April would be played in by my beloved Tigers.  Unfortunately, no such luck this year.

Nope, instead they were taken down by the Boston Red Sox.  So you can only imagine how much it stuck in my craw to celebrate today's food - Boston Cream Pie.  All I can say is Go Cards!

It's also National Canning Day.  Which means I of course had to pull out a jar of applesauce that we did last Fall with my Mom to have with dinner.  And in my usual nod to the slightly different take on the day, I also made 5 'can' chili for dinner.

Correction.  Mikayla made 5 can chili for dinner.  All by herself (mostly)  Everything from picking the right cans from the pantry after we'd read the recipe, to using the can opener, to draining a couple of the cans in the collander to mixing it all together - all Kayla.  She even watched it on the stove and stirred it up.  She even helped me make cornbread waffle sticks to go with it.  We all made a really big deal tonight about how good it was and what a great job she'd done.  I tell you, I'm going to make a chef out of one of them yet!  (OK, so perhaps dumping 5 different cans into a pot and stirring it all together isn't exactly French cuisine, but more than the average 3 year old, I'm thinking!)

I wrapped up my day with a PTA meeting and made it home to a house with two very hard core passed out kiddos and a cleaned up kitchen - a mom's utopia almost.  Looking forward to actually catching up with Jen (we had to post-pone this morning) bologna, good & plenty's and skyping with the Kunkle's tomorrow.  Until then...

How Noah eats his fruit loops - think he has quite a bit of his Mama in him??

 Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

 A girl, her pan and five cans


  1. I think by next year, Kayla will surpass me in kitchen skills. :)

    1. I've had your quinoa salad and almond yummies, Bestie of Mine, you're safe ;-)

  2. I love 5 can chili!! Go Kayla!!