Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Spooktacular Dinner!

 Happy Halloween!  I hope you didn't think that I, the girl who is obsessed with 'cute' food wasn't going to get into the holiday spirit and create a creepy crawly meal the whole family would love.  I've only been planning this one for days now :-p  So enjoy our feast of disgustingness, it was a huge hit here!

Swamp juice - complete with worms!

 BBQ worms

 Chocolate ghosts (Funny side note - these were totally supposed to be dipped in white chocolate for the ghostly look, and I had checked the other day to make sure I had some white chocolate in the cupboard.  What I apparently failed to check was the expiration date on said white baking chocolate, which was two years ago.  Thank goodness for all of the Halloween candy stash that allowed me to improvise ;-) )

 Bones and bloody entrails

 Zombie guts

 Both kiddos were obsessed with drinking their swamp juice to get to the worms

 Mikayla chowing down on the worms

 Noah and his worms


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