Monday, November 11, 2013

Sundae! Sundae! Sundae!

Noah would like to give you all an update.  Here's what he has to say:

"Hi!  We had chili cook-off with our MOPS people.  I had some friends come over, we played outside in the leaves.  It was very fun.  We went to an indoor concert yesterday.  He sang a lot of funny songs.  We went with the Kennedy family.  Jonathan is my best friend. I had fun at the concert.  At school today we had indoor recess.  I did a lot of stuff in indoor recess, I don't even remember one thing I did.  It snowed on the way home from the bus.  Mikayla made a sundae and I got to it first because I finished first.  There was whipped cream,nuts, sprinkles, chocolate, caramel sauce and strawberry sauce on it.  It was delicious!  I am going to Bronner's (Sunday) and I can't wait because I want to pick a monster truck ornament.  Good bye!"

And now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging ;-)

So, as he mentioned above, that icky white stuff made its way to Michigan this afternoon.  I knew it was going to happen.  I mean, we DO live in Michigan.  And it IS November, after all.  But you now, I was thinking, maybe December 23rd would be nice for a first snow that could stick around 'til about the 26th and then be done.  For the year.  Rats....

In other news, this morning I was officially name "The Best Mom Ever" by Mikayla.  We did our usual Monday morning grocery shopping and at Aldi they had a huge bin of Halloween stuff that was marked down.  To 39 cents.  I kid not.  Everything in the bin.  Including a pink pirate costume!  We have a pirate costume.  It is a constant source of discontent as there is only ONE pirate costume.  39 cents was so worth an end to the bickering.  We now have 2 pirate costumes, one ridiculously happy little girl, one grateful brother who no longer has to share his costume and "The Best Mom Ever"  Uh, super score! ;-)

And to wrap things up around here for the evening, it is also National Sundae Day.  (Noah was perplexed about how it could be National Sundae Day on a Monday.)  I'm pretty sure we've done sundaes already.  Oh yes, remember these on Hot Fudge Sundae Day?  Or these on Strawberry Sundae Day?  Or these on Sundae Sunday?  Think we've had the Sundae pretty well covered.  But we did them one more time tonight.  You can never have enough ice cream, right?

I have a real curve ball tomorrow - chicken soup for the soul day AND pizza with everything (except anchovies).  Oh and did I come up with something fun!  Plus I'm helping in the Bean's class again tomorrow which always provides plenty of comedic relief.  Alright, it's been an evening of meltdowns (and I'm not talking about the sundaes...) around here, and I need to go tag out my better half and take over bath time.  He has totally earned it.  So until tomorrow...

Pink Pirate (the heels are a completely Mikayla edition)

 Happy National Sundae Day!

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