Saturday, November 23, 2013


 Shhh, don't tell anyone but we had a Saturday where we didn't have anywhere we HAD to be or anything we HAD to do.  Given that the craziness of the Holiday season is inching closer and closer I intentionally left this weekend free on the calendar.  If something came up we wanted to do, great.  If not, it'd be nice to have a weekend to ourselves.

So we've had a great Saturday that has been laid back and relaxed.  After a breakfast of Espresso Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Happy National Espresso Day!) we hung out for awhile before heading to the library for Thanksgiving Family Story Time.  It was a nice morning and since school started we haven't been able to make it to that many story times at the downtown branch, so we enjoyed seeing some of our favorite librarians.  Then it was back here for lunch, football, cranberry glop eating (Happy National Eat A Cranberry Day!) pierogi making (OK that was me!), a bit of a snooze, lots of book reading and just being together.  We had Cranberry Chicken with rice for dinner and then had a lot of fun creating dessert.  (I won't spoil it, you'll have to check out the pictures below)

After the past couple of days it was so nice to just be together.  We're going to have another kind of low key day tomorrow as we've decided to put up the tree and decorations (though every fiber of my being is rebelling against it) in the morning and then we're all heading to go see Despicable Me 2 at the $1 theater in the afternoon.  The kiddos have already seen it but Grant and I have been anxiously waiting to do so.  Looking forward to it!  Also, sardines.  Yeah...  Until then ;)

Espresso Chocolate Chip Pancakes

 Happy National Espresso Day!

 Mikayla's project at the library

 Noah working on his

 Cranberry Glop (Kind of like cranberry crisp, has apples in it, too)

 Hey LJ - think these will keep you for awhile?

 Cranberry Chicken with Rice

 Daddy and Mikayla assembling dessert

 Waffle Turkey!

Mikayla and Daddy dig in

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