Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Appreciating Donuts

 "I missed you.  I missed you the whole time we were gone.  And I still loved you when we were gone."  So sayeth the Kayla.  Right back at ya, kiddo.

In case it wasn't apparent, they're ba-ack!  Shortly after 4pm my trio of travelers returned to the nest, full of stories about their adventures.  I am thrilled to have them back.  As much as I appreciated a little bit of a break, it got to be a little too quiet around here for my liking.

So instead of babbling on here, I'm going to go appreciate them being home.  Happy National Donut Appreciation Day!  We've done donuts in many different forms a few different times this year, but I went a completely different direction and served them as a main course tonight.

Nachos tomorrow as we get 'back to normal'  Until then...

Donut Sandwich!

 Everyone here loved this (Glazed donut, raspberry preserves, ham and cheese)

 Cider Donut Bread Pudding

Grant's Take:  "This is pretty much awesome"

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