Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chicken Soup for the Pizza Lover's Soul

There have been quite a few times during this year long project of mine that I have been forced to think outside the box.  Adapt, bend the rules, whatever it might be.  And I haven't always come up with the best creations (Rum Punch Chicken was good, but probably not a recipe we'll be repeating a lot around here, for example) but I'm pretty proud of the fact that other than Turkey Neck Soup (which I totally just refused to do) and Roast Pheasant (because I had no idea where to even START with that one) I have done a pretty good job celebrating all these days.

Today, I am proud of what I came up with.  Delighted, giddy.  Because not only was it outside the box, it may have been in a different zip code.  And my family LOVED it.  So let's back up and say...

Happy National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day
Happy National Pizza with Everything (Except Anchovies) Day

I was a little thrown when I saw both of these were on the same day in the middle of the week.  Two big items on the weekend I can manage, but since during the week we really only all have dinner together, it's a bit more difficult to work two main dishes in.

So I merged them!  Tonight, my newest creation which I am truly proud of, is Chicken Soup Pizza!  I came up with this on my own; crust with a creamy cream cheese based sauce, mozzarella, celery, onions and carrots simmered in chicken broth to soften them up, diced chicken and then more mozzarella.  All the components of classic chicken soup (minus the noodles. It says chicken soup, not chicken noodle soup.  I decided to use that to my advantage, hehe) in pizza form!  I was a bit nervous, but they adored it!  The entire pizza disappeared and there wasn't one word of dissent from any of my crew.

And because I didn't think that quite covered the 'everything' pizza part, I made a Cookie Pizza with Everything for dessert.  This cookie really did have everything - a sugar cookie filled with sprinkles, topped with frosting, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, coconut, marshmallows, chocolate chips, mint chocolate chip pieces, chopped peanuts, m&m's and gummy bears.  Yep pretty much everything! (and not a whiff of anchovies!)  Score!

In other news around here I helped in Kayla's class this morning and it reinforced the fact that I'm really glad that I don't have multiple three year olds.  I had a lot of fun, but next time I'm there I'm really hoping they're not working with scissors again.  Twice in a row is too much for me.  Also took Kayla to do some shopping for leggings as I cannot convince her not to wear her summer clothes, so I guess we're going to layer her up all winter!  Also picked up something fun for Noah that I think Aunt Shell might especially appreciate.

Alright, gotta peace out because Grant is off to hang out with some of his co-workers for the evening meaning I'm in charge of bath and bed tonight.  Indian Pudding (AGAIN - for the THIRD time, ugh!) tomorrow and Kayla and I are going to be doing some crafting!  Until then...

Proof that the dang white stuff actually stuck last night

 I went to turn on the lights in Noah's room this morning and almost jumped out of my skin.  He had hung his mouse toy that he got somewhere during the Halloween season from his light switch.  He is such a boy!

 Lots of leggings for the Bean

 And something for Noah, too

 I think he likes them (Notice the Pink Pirate in the background again...)

 Chicken Soup Pizza

 Pizza Cookie with Everything!

 The kids loved the gummy bears

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