Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bold, Pungent and Scrappy

So if you saw my post before, you already know that the majority of our day was devoted to the awesome MOPS chili cook-off we hosted.  But don't worry, I didn't forget we had to celebrate, too.

As I said yesterday, today was "Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day" (Really?!?  I mean, really?!?!)  Anyway, sauerkraut was the first thing that came to mind and we needed a snack to go with the game (so not touching that with a ten foot pole, by the way) so I made some sauerkraut balls.  We're not huge sauerkraut eaters, so they got a 'just OK' rating around here.  Hey, I work within the limits of the silly National Food people, what can I say?

It's also, and more interestingly in my opinion, National Scrapple Day.  I can honestly say I'd never heard for scrapple before.  And when I did read about it, it grossed me out.  According to the information I found "Scrapple is short for meat scraps. In pioneer days and even today in Pennsylvania Dutch country scrapple was/is a way to use scrapes of pork during the annual harvest."  In other words, it's whatever's left over.  Ick.  But my recipe called for just ground sausage, which was a little more acceptable.  Basically it's the sausage and cornmeal mush that you make into a loaf, chill and let set, cut into slices and pan fry.  It is traditionally served as breakfast/brunch with maple syrup.  (And now you know, the rest of the story...)  Anyway, we gave it a go for dinner here tonight.  Not half bad, when all was said and done.  Not something that I'm going to be making anytime soon, I don't think, but not a huge flop, either.

We're headed to Ann Arbor tomorrow with the Kennedy's for a concert.  And we'll be celebrating vanilla cupcakes.  So until then...

 Frying up the sauerkraut balls

Ready for a taste test

 The scrapple ready for slicing and frying

 Cooking away

All dressed up and ready to go