Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy National French Toast Day! (See you thought I was going to start in on turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing - had to throw you a curve ball!)

But first:

Happy 32nd Anniversary to the most amazing parents a girl could have hope to have.  Thank you for showing me what marriage truly means every single day.  I hope that you have had the chance to enjoy each other today (in spite of all the craziness!) and this anniversary is followed by so many more.  The only reason that I get to be here celebrating Thanksgiving today (and National French Toast Day!) is because of both of you.  Many happy returns on the day!

OK, so...

Happy Thanksgiving, all!  I hope that this finds you full - of food, of love, of family, of the joy of the season.  We are here in the 'Mont celebrating away.  Right now the Muppets are one - does it get any better than that?  (Well, maybe if Lady Gaga wasn't on....)  So I'm going to go enjoy my evening and hope that you're doing the same.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy National French Toast Day!

 This pretty princess came to dinner - Thanks Aunt Sarah for the early birthday present!

 Let's eat!

 Miss Stephanie and Noah

 This is what happens when Aunt Shell and Aunt Sarah get ahold of the whipped cream

 Papa gives instructions on breaking last year's wishbone

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