Friday, November 8, 2013

Bold Cappuccino

 It's National "Cook Something Bold Day"  Really?  What am I supposed to do with that?  Bold as in daring?  Bold as in strong tasting?  And of course, to make it even more difficult tomorrow is "Cook Something Bold AND Pungent Day"  Apparently since we've made it to November the "National Food People" started running out of ideas and are truly scraping the bottom of the barrel.
The saving grace is that it is also National Cappuccino Day.  So I scoured the internet for a bold use of cappuccino and found it!  For dinner tonight we had cappuccino pot roast!  It's been cooking in my crock pot all day and making my house smell incredible.  Better yet, everyone here enjoyed it.  Alright national food people you're forgiven.  And I even have an idea for tomorrow, so there ;-)

Kayla also helped me use cappuccino to make dessert for tonight, too.  She helped me whip up a batch of Coffechino No-Bakes this morning.  Mom, think your peanut butter no bakes but with coffee and hazelnut!  Grant is in 7th heaven right now ;-)

Otherwise, it's been a really goofy day.  Kayla and I (after our Kid Kitchening) made it to story time (where we talked about dogs!) and then ran to the store to get a couple of last minute things for tomorrow's party.  While there I picked up a set of drawer pulls that I had been meaning to get for the cabintry in the bathroom.  I then, of course, proceeded to leave said drawer pulls at the store.  Which I, of course, did not realize until I got all the way home.  Which, of course, then meant I had to go all the way back to the store to get them.  Grrrrr....

But onward and upward.  Really looking forward to tomorrow!  Can't wait to have the MOPS ladies and their families over for the chili cook-off.  And a Michigan game!  Woo hoo!!  Plus, like I mentioned, we're tackling Bold and Pungent and (perhaps just as, if not more so odd) Scrapple - which is already in my fridge 'gelling' (ewwwww) overnight.  Until then...

Kayla working on the no-bakes

 Cappuccinos with dinner

 Cappuccino Pot Roast

 Coffeechino No Bakes

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