Saturday, November 9, 2013

MOPS Chili Cook-Off

I can't stop smiling and feeling warm and fuzzy.  One of the things I've missed most since moving up from Florida is the ability to play hostess for a crowd.  At first we didn't know too many people so it didn't happen, but slowly lately we have been making more friends, especially a lot of really great friends with families.  So when my MOPS group began floating the idea of a family get together in the form of a chili cook-off I was excited.  So much so that I offered to host it here so that we could be at a location with a huge place for the kiddos to play, plenty of room to run around outside if the weather co-operated and a place for anyone who might want to enjoy my favorite Saturday past-time - college football!  I hope that everyone who came had as much fun as my crew did.  I'm hoping this'll become one of the 'go-to' places for everyone to hang-out as I really do enjoy having everyone here (I'm Polish - it's in my blood to feed and take care of people!).  Thanks to all who came!

The kiddos had tons of fun in the play room

 Keith helping himself to one of the chili offerings

 Lots of chili to chose from

 Some of the adults hanging out

 There was no shortage of food

 Mike and Alex playing

 (Isn't he absolutely ADORABLE?!?!?)

 I'd say the kids had a good time if the number of things they played with is any indication

 Outside in the leaves for a bit

 Kayla and Josh give Noah and David a ride

 Linus and the leaves

 Noah the strong

 Julie and I hanging outside with her three amazing kiddos

Noah and David taking full advantage or our 'empty' room

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