Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Piece of Cake

 Today has been a blur!  I don't think I've stopped between laundry, packing, kids running back and forth with, food making, working - phew!  So just a quick post with mostly pictures as there are still a few things I'd like to tackle before Grant arrives back home (WITHOUT ANY KIDS!) later tonight.  So...

Happy National CAKE (that was for you, Mom) Day!  I had only planned on making a cake for Grant to take to the office with him, but then since both kiddos were home this afternoon I decided we'd do something fun together to celebrate, too.  Check it out below.

There's also pictures of the Advent Calendar I created for the kiddos.  I've got to say that I'm pretty stinin' proud of this one :)

Grant and I will be out all day tomorrow shopping (well, hopefully we can be done in like 2 hours and then we can just spend all day together doing NOTHING but ENJOYING each other :) ) which I am so excited about.  This will be the first time we will get to shop for the kiddos together since they were born.  I really owe you, LJ :)  I did manage to whip up some Bavarian Cream today, though, so check back tomorrow to see what I did with it.  Until then..

Made a cherry chip cake with a cherry filling for Grant

 What's a cake without frosting and sprinkles?

 The kiddos Advent Calendar

 This very well might be my hands down favorite thing I've made all year - Cake Batter Popcorn!  Very well may be the key to Kristi gaining five pounds ;-)

 I promised the kiddos they could make Cakes in a Mug for lunch today if they had good days at school

 Yep, it actually worked!

 Noah's cake

 Noah made me this at school today.  Big melty Mommy puddle on my floor

My map came for our state project!  Can't wait to open it!

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