Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mikayla visits the dentist (too)

Like her brother two years ago, Mikayla went with her class today on a field trip to the dentist's office. She too was gently introduced to the periodontal arts, and like a well oiled machine, those dentists and staff showed three preschool classes all of tools of the trade, rotated groups of students and their camera-wielding chaperones parents through six different stations. They each made plaster molds of their hands, x-rayed a quarter with a smiley face on it, watched a video of a monkey brush his teeth, painted with toothbrushes, got to do a dry run of an examination, and played with the stuff used to repair your teeth, all in the name of fun and learning (and gently introducing them to dentistry) and all within the course of just an hour. Delicious donuts and juice were available in the lobby when everyone was finished with the tour. The kids even received goodie bags which included a toothbrush, floss, and a toy lizard.

Mikayla behaved very well and we went across the street to Mc Donald's for some play place climbing afterward :-) 

Bittersweet chocolate and almonds day; the cookies you see below were made with those ingredients plus two more different kinds of chocolate. Apparently they didn't stand a chance at the MOPS meeting this morning...

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