Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sandwiched Together

It is soooo quiet around here.  (This is not a complaint, simply an observation)  So quiet in fact that I had to bust out some CD's that hardly ever make their way out of their jewel case just to keep me from thinking too much. (which is what I tend to do when it's too quiet.  Too much thinking, not a good thing)  Today I even pulled out the CD that the Honor Choir recorded and popped it in my player.  So made me smile.

I did spend a pretty good chunk of the day outside, though.  I had told Grant that if the weather co-operated I would head out for a bit and rake up some of the leaves.  He does have a mulching blade on his mower, but 1) he hasn't had a chance to mow for quite some time and 2) not sure when the next chance to do so will be and 3) all the leaves were so wet there was no way the blade would even work.  Or the leaf blower much to my chagrin.  But I made it through the front yard! (Not going to mention how much time this actually took me, I'm just going to be thankful it's done)  But babe, if you're reading this, I am so not going to get to the backyard, even if the weather is nice ;-)

And one last thing, Happy National Sandwich Day!  Quick - what's your favorite?  I have to admit I'm torn between peanut butter and pickles and Turkey and Provolne...  In order for my group to celebrate in Illinois, I sent them with sandwich cookies! (Pink for the Bean, blue for Noah of course)  These were kind of fun to make and really easy.  I packed them all up without thinking about it, so someone there will have to let me know how they turned out :)

Candy tomorrow (after last weekend there's no shortage of that around here...) Until then...

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