Saturday, November 2, 2013

Devil In the Details

Well, the gang got off safely this morning shortly after breakfast.  I'm not sure that Noah and Kayla are going to be able to contain their excitement the entire way to Illinois as they could barely make it through breakfast.  They are going to be picking up Uncle Keith on their way through Chicago and then getting to Grandpa Gary's sometime this afternoon.  Not sure what the plans are for the next few days there, but I will try to have Grant get a post or two up.

Here, I'm decked out in my maize and blue waiting for the big game.  It's rivalry week around here and people sure do take it seriously!  Dang, if I see any more Spartan Green I may puke!  But I'm busy making a hostess gift for the party I am going to tonight and keping my fingers crossed that today's game has a similar outcome to last year's.

Happy National Deviled Egg Day!  This one make me think of Papa Bevens and how much he enjoyed my Mom's deviled eggs on the holidays.  They're not up there on my favorites list, but I do like how versatile they are.  And Noah especially enjoys them.

Alright, off to finish my project and catch the game!  More tomorrow.  Until then...

Happy National Deviled Egg Day

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  1. God bless Papa Bevens - and you for thinking of him.