Saturday, November 30, 2013

Go Blue Mousse!

Despite a loss, I am a proud Wolverine fan tonight.  The Buckeyes were favored by 16 1/2 points today.  Commentators suggested that the only change Michigan had was to bring back former quaraterback Tom Brady to play for the day.  Everyone anticipated a massacre.

And we ALMOST won it.  Say what you will about the controversial call to go for 2 (I wouldn't have done it personally, but that is why Brady Hoke is the head coach and not Kristi Gatchel) but we hung in there the whole game.  We only lost the game BY ONE POINT.  Go Blue!!!

In other news, Happy National Mousse Day! I made some fun berry blue mousse to go with the game.  Noah especially liked it.

Mom and I headed downtown for a bit this morning for small business Saturday and ended up snagging Mikayla a pair of ice skates!  Rumor has it that they might be skating again here with Aunt Shell at Christmas time and I heard that Grandpa Gary wanted to take her for her birthday in Farmington.  So the deal we snagged will get plenty of use, I'm sure.

Otherwise we hung out, watched football, snacked, Mom and I put a 500 piece puzzle together and just enjoyed each other's company.

Off to cut down the Kosakowski Family Christmas Tree in the morning!  Then it's back to the Hills for some pie. So until then...

Berry Blue Mousse

 The boys worked on the village today (it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger)

Mikayla showing off her skates

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