Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fast Times at Casa de Gatchel

What a great Saturday :)  We got a ton accomplished, we spent some quality time together and we got to spend some time with Aunt Shell and Uncle Dudley.  And it was fast food day - does it get much better than that?

To start, the leaves have been conquered.  As Grant said "I'll see that lawn in March"  The kiddos and Grant spent most of the morning outside working on sucking up leaves, mowing and getting the outside ready for winter.  (I was busy inside making the house presentable for our visitors and to feed the crowd)  I'm so glad that it's one more thing we can check off the list and not worry about any more this season.  Dare I say we're now ready for the snow?

Then this afternoon Shell and Dudley arrived.  They are headed out for their annual trip to Florida bright and early from the Detroit airport in the morning so they came up to hang out for awhile.  They took the kiddos "Christmas looking" for a few hours this afternoon and apparently looking wasn't quite enough as each of the kiddos managed to con Uncle Dudley into spoiling them a bit.  I am thankful that they made the trip and even more thankful to share the wealth of the knowledge they gathered this afternoon.  Everyone keeps stealing my ideas!  What's Santa going to bring?!?

As I mentioned, it's fast food day.  At lunch, in a nod to my Dad, I found White Castle sliders.  (They're his favorite!)  And then my little more 'tongue in cheek' version of fast food was to have instant pudding parfaits for dessert tonight.  Aren't I a riot?

We're off to Frankenmuth tomorrow for our annual trip to Bronner's and the kids are so excited!  They've been planning all week which ornament they want to get.  (Last I head we're looking for Tinkerbell and a monster truck)  I'm excited to spend a day out with just the four of us.  We'll also be feasting on some baklava and homemade bread.  So until then...

Fast food!

 For Dad

 Instant Pudding (Fast food, get it, hahaha)

 Mikayla got dressed up to play her new princess game

 Figuring out the instructions

 Two very pretty princesses

 Instant Pudding parfaits

Belle won!

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