Monday, November 18, 2013


 Sooooo....  Remember how I mentioned the funky weather in yesterday's post?  Yeah, 'bout that.  Not more than an hour after I posted last night Casa de Gatchel was plunged into darkness due to the storms (mostly wind) that ripped through Farmington last night.  Need proof?  Here's how Grant and I spent our evening:

So early this morning we awoke to discover we were still powerless.  That in itself wouldn't be such a big deal if the temperature hadn't plummeted overnight.  It was a brisk 55 degrees in my kitchen this morning, a little chilly I'd say!  And lovely DTE was predicting 11:30pm this evening before power was restored.  We learned there was a four mile block in the Farmington area that was completely without power.  Noah, though, actually had school.  So Grant and I pow-wowed, decided to send him off to school and then figure things out.  A call to my Mom confirmed they still had power and we would be more than welcome to come down.

So we did!

I picked Noah up from school at noon and we were off. My decision to head out was confirmed 15 minutes out when I got a text from Grant saying the latest update from DTE was that we would get power back at 11:30pm - on TUESDAY now.

So we made a stop in Bowling Green to see Mom and Scott on our way.  So glad to see the bro!  And the kiddos felt all big and special as we went to Starbucks and they got 'real' cups from Starbucks (with hot chocolates).  Noah insisted on having a cardboard sleeve on his just like a grown-up.

Then we headed to the 'Mont where I was finally able to grab a shower, we read a ton of books and then hung out with Grandma and Papa for the evening.  Grant messaged me a bit ago to let me know that power has now been restored to the house so we will be heading out early to get Mikayla to school then drop off Noah at the bus (he had a scheduled delayed start tomorrow, perfect!).  Glad we headed down for the night, though.

Happy National Vichyssoise Day!  I did have the stuff ready to make it today, but apparently it wasn't in the cards.  I'm sure SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE had it today, so vichoyssoise consider yourself celebrated ;-)  More from back home tomorrow!  Until then...

 Coffee Break with Uncle Scott!

Princess game with Grandma

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