Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ice Cream and Junk Sunday

Last night continued to get strange after I posted.  Shortly after I posted Grant informed me he had to run an errand.  I waved him out the door and set back to accomplishing the rest of the tasks I needed to.  An hour later, still no Grant and I was starting to get concerned.  Five minutes later he comes home with flowers.

Grant:  I went to get you flowers
Kristi:  Aw, thanks.  But it took you an hour?
Grant:  Well...  I was on the way back and the muffler fell off my car

Yep, more strange.  Apparently the muffler didn't fall off completely it just detached itself.  Grant managed to get it reattched (duck tape works miracles) this afternoon but I would say the car is in its last legs.  Well more than its last legs as it just flipped 199,000 miles on Friday.  Pray that it keeps running for at least a few more months...

We also decided to try our hand at fixing the fridge last night with success!  We (and I say this loosely as I mostly supervised and willed the stuff on the counter to keep from melting) had to pull everything out of the freezer, remove the paneling, knock out all the ice that had accumulated because of the humidity and cross our fingers.  I was beginning to worry as we got everything back in and the temperature on the freezer suddenly started getting warmer.  Now not only was I going to lose everything in the fridge, but everything in the freezer as well.  I suggested to Grant that we flip the breaker and lo an behold, success!  Within 2 hours both the fridge and freezer were back at their normal rates.  Kudos to Grant for his engineering skills and no babe, I won't make you become a refrigerator repairman, I think you are an AMAZING software engineer :)

And more strange, I talked to my Mom this morning who informed me that Fremont did not receive 4 inches of rain, their actual rainfall total was 6.3 inches!  How crazy is that?!?!?

But we turned a new page this morning :)  After breakfast we headed decided to take advantage of the much cooler weather and took the kids for a spin in Charlie (because Noah informed me on Friday that Charlie was getting lonely) to the park so the kids could play and Grant and I could enjoy the paper.  It was beautiful!  On the way home we stopped to let everyone pick out their favorite junk food (Happy National Junk Food Day!).

The rest of the day was spent playing outside, mowing the lawn, a trip to get a pedicure for the Mama and materials for my PTA meeting on Wednesday, dinner, a trip to the Spray Ground (no catastrophes this time!) and back home to celebrate National Ice Cream Day and "Sundae Sunday" with some really yummy ice cream sundaes.

Also celebrating today - Happy Birthday Grammy Caren!  Hope that you had a great day :)

Shopping, Penuche Fudge and who know what else.  Until then...

The beautiful flowers Grant brought me

 My handyman

 Showing off their favorite junk foods

 This is just part of their candy stash from yesterday's parade - I'd say this qualifies as junk, too...

 Spray Ground!

Sundaes with style for National Ice Cream Day and Sundae Sunday

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