Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Cheating

I loathe the fact that Thanksgiving has seem to have become a non-existent holiday.  Especially this year since it falls so late.  But honestly, the stores that now have their Christmas displays out starting in September, the radio stations that start playing non-stop Christmas music the 1st of November, the stores that have now completely stopped pushing "Black Friday" and are now into massive pre-sales the weekend before - it drives me crazy!

I have always absolutely refused to skip Thanksgiving and head straight into Christmas even though the weeks leading up to Christmas are hands down my favorite time of the year.  I think the need to stop, slow down and truly remember all of our blessings before things get super hectic is incredibly important.  So not as much as a light twinkles or carol plays until the day after Thanksgiving in my house.

Until this year.

While it is almost physically painful to admit it our tree is up, the decorations are out and the stockings are hung by the fireplace with care.  But for good reason - I promise!  Thanksgiving falls so late this year, we are squishing in a full Christmas experience as it is.  That coupled with the fact that we were originally planning on heading back to the Hills on Saturday after the Mich vs. OSU game and doing the decorating next Sunday, which was trumped by the opportunity to trek out with the Kosakowski and Singer crews that morning and actually cut down and help them put up their trees.  This means it'll be late afternoon/early evening before we make it back here - way too late to do ours.  And it's not something we can do during the week, meaning it'd be at least the 7th until we could get our stuff up otherwise.  And honestly the thought of not having any decorations up at all until then is more alarming than putting them up today.  We did make a rule that we are NOT turning on the tree until we get back next weekend, though ;-)

So we spent a good chunk of the day hauling boxes, putting up the tree and decorations and all the fun that goes with that.  After lunch we headed off to the theater where Grant and I finally got the chance to see Despicable Me 2!  Loved it!  Though honestly, my favorite part was that Mikayla wanted to sit on my lap and snuggle the whole movie.  Best 98 minutes of my day for sure.

Then it was back here to celebrate National Sardine Day. No real surprise here - Mikayla loved them!  I swear I have not found a seafood yet that she will not devour.  She will fight me tooth and nail on chicken and beef but put any kind of seafood in front of her and it's no sweat. 

A brief school week around here (Noah is in all day tomorrow and only a half day on Tuesday and Kayla has school Tuesday morning) then the kiddos are off to Fremont Tuesday night where Grant and I will join them on Thursday.  Turkey Thursday, Zoo Lights on Friday, Mich vs. OSU on Saturday, Tree Cutting on Sunday - can't wait!  Parfaits tomorrow :)  Until then...

 Noah and Grant start work on the tree

 Checking the lights

 Ready to add the angel

 The kiddos did a great job helping Grant and me

 At the movies

 Happy National Sardine Day!

Pasta de Sarde

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