Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Crafty Indians

Apparently the National Food People should just name Indian Pudding the National Food as we celebrated it for the THIRD time today.  My family didn't like it the first time in its classic sense.  So the second time I made an Indian (as in from India) rice pudding.  It fared better.  I went with a Southern India dish this time and made an Indian Bread Pudding.  This one was the clear winner.  Third time's the charm and all that, right.  Alright, so for the third (and LAST) time, Happy National Bread Pudding Day!

But that was not really the excitement around here today.  I have been promising the Bean a way to better organize her hair accessories.  She has quite a bit and we end up digging, hunting for the matching barrette, or skipping putting up her hair all together to avoid hunting through the big 'bucket o' hair stuff.'  So I had searched for some ideas (pinterest + Kristi = VERY BAD THING!) and came up with a cute starting point and this morning we headed off to JoAnn's (where I had a virtual plethora of coupons) to see what we could find.

Two hours and three stores later we finally settled on exactly what she wanted.  We brought it all home and started crafting.  She's delighted with the end result (and I'm pretty tickled myself, I'll admit.  I can't wait to hang it in her room tomorrow!  And the added bonus that she helped make it herself rounded out the project to make me one happy Mama.

Somewhere in there today I also managed to do 7 loads of laundry, clean up after the washing machine dumped all over the floor instead of in the sink when the hose got bumped (still not sure how this happened...) got the house cleaned and prepped for an impromptu dinner guest.  As I mentioned last night, Grant was out with 'the guys' for the evening.  One of his co-workers from their Vernon Hills office is in town for the seminar they are all attending here this week and I told Grant to invite him over for dinner tonight so he wasn't sitting in his hotel all alone.  I mean, if you're not from around here, it's not like Farmington Hills on a Wednesday night is all that exciting ;)  So we've had company (the guys are still here discussing computer stuff, my head is swimming) tonight, which is nice.

Alright, I'm off to log into work for awhile tonight.  Guacamole and Pickles (both again!) tomorrow.  Until then...

 Noah commented that he was missing Kid Kitchen when he was in school so he helped me last night prep tonight's dinner

My very pretty Bean ready for her crafting day

 Shake that paint, Sister!

 We had to sort her current hair stash

 I braided some ribbon to add to our masterpiece

 Yep, that'd be purple paint on her nose.  Which she refused to wash off 'til baths tonight

 Dotting our frame

 The finished product

 Cute, huh?  I'll get a better picture of it when I get it on her wall tomorrow

Happy National Indian Pudding Day!

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