Friday, November 22, 2013

Cashin' In

Yesterday was rough.  Not only was it super busy but it did not go the way I hoped it would.  I was feeling pretty low last night, frustrated with myself and at a bit of a loss.  But last night I talked to a few people who helped me remember that I really have some great friends and have built up a pretty amazing support system here.

Today has totally reinforced that.  Wow am I one lucky girl.  Not only did I continue to receive an outpouring of love, support and prayers but I had a great chat and walk with my friend, Jen this morning (who if she's reading this needs to remember that she is an AWESOME Mom and I am so thankful to be able to call her my friend) and then had an absolute blast on "Family Date Night" with the Janoch's.  Tess is part of my MOPS group who believe it or not, lives 3 doors down!  She has a son who is Noah's age and a daughter not quite a year younger than the Bean.  And we got to know her husband a few weeks ago at the Chili Cook-Off.  Everyone had such a great time together we knew we wanted to get together again.  So they came over for pizza, popcorn and a movie tonight and I have a feeling it is the first of MANY such nights.  (At least I seriously hope so!)  Our kids have a great time together and I really enjoy Tess and Keith.  It has been so wonderful making new friends lately!  I'm so happy with that aspect of our lives right now that I know that the rest of it will fall in place.  Feeling so thankful right now hard to now what else to say.

Though I will say Happy National Cashew Day!  I actually made my Salted Cashew Cookies yesterday to take some with me to my Dad as I knew he would most appreciate them.  Imagine my surprise then, when it was Grant who absolutely adored them.  I walked in the door last night to "I think I found my new favorite cookie"  I didn't even know he like cashews all that much :-p  But these are a great light almost fluffy cookie, totally different than how I expected them to come out.

Thanksgiving Story Time tomorrow morning and then the Michigan game.  Not sure what else we might do tomorrow.  Talking about putting up the tree and Christmas decorations Sunday as I'm not sure when else it might get done since we're going to be in the 'Mont until sometime on next Sunday now.  It just FEELS wrong, though!  We'll see...  Espresso and 'Eat a Cranberry' tomorrow!  Until then...

Salted cashew cookies

 The kiddos feasting on pizza

Watching the amazing popcorn popper in action

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