Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nacho Love

"Rainy day, it's a rainy day.  It's raining outside so we can't go out to play.  Why do we need the rain anyway?"

OK, have to admit I'm kind of over the weather.  I know it's November, but I'd settle for cold if the drear would go away.  I'm tired of grey overcast, kinda rainy days.

Alright, enough of my whining.  At least it's not, snow, right?  (Uh, dirty 's' word!)

To deal with the drear, we had some cheer inside on National Nacho Day!  How can you possibly not love nachos?  Grant and I met over nachos.  Did you know that?  Super Nachos from La Bamba's at Bradley.  We shared a box of nachos and the rest is history, right?  I suppose nachos have a rather special place in my heart, then.  But today I decided to try something completely different and we had BBQ Nachos for dinner.  They had a doritos base, then a mix of ground beef (it was turkey, shhhh, don't tell my family!), corn, stewed tomatoes, colby cheese and BBQ sauce.  I know, sounds kind of weird, right?  That's what I thought too but they honestly disappeared in a flash here.  Seriously, both kids finished their ENTIRE dinner in less than 20 minutes.  That NEVER happens.  Apparently my kids have a love affair with nachos, too.

As a treat I whipped up quite the culinary creation of dessert nachos for after dinner.  I took tortillas, buttered them and then sprinkled them with a combination of sugar, cocoa, all spice and cinnamon, then baked them until they were nice and crispy.  Then I topped them with chocolate sauce, melted peanut butter, a homemade caramel sauce, whipped cream, chopped peanuts and sprinkles.  Um, yeah, the love affair with nachos around here was taken to a whole new level...

After dinner Noah helped me whip up the cookies to celebrate tomorrow's National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds.  There's some in action pictures but you'll have to check back for the finished product tomorrow.  (They've been taste tested already here, though - yum!)  Busy day tomorrow with MOPS, PTA Board and a welcoming committee event at Jungle Java.  Oh, and Kayla has a field trip!  Never a dull moment, I tell you.  Until then...

BBQ Nachos

 I know they look weird but my family LOVED them

 Nachos in dessert form

 Um, yes please

 Noah helping me with the cookies

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  1. How about: It's raining today
    The clouds broke away
    And then in the sky there's a rainbow?
    Sound familiar? Just thought I'd provide a different song for your dreary weather!