Sunday, November 10, 2013

Good Ole Vanilla

I've mentioned before that I am missing the key female gene responsible for a lot of chocolate, handbags, shoes and the adoration of the color pink.  Completely missed that one someone.  So bring on the vanilla, if you ask me!  This "plain jane" will pick the vanilla cupcake (Happy National Vanilla Cupcake Day!) over the ooey gooey chocolate one every time.  And if they're decked out in whipped cream and pretty sprinkles like the ones I made today, even better.  (I found a recipe that only makes half a dozen vanilla cupcakes - how cool is that?!?!  And everyone here loved them - Grant said 'best vanilla cupcake ever' and Noah inhaled two.  Woo hoo!  Have a feeling I may be using this recipe again...

Anyway, the day around here had little to do with cupcakes when all was said and done.  We spent this morning getting some of the yard work done before grabbing a quick lunch and heading to Ann Arbor.  A couple of months ago my wonderful friend, Jen, had mentioned that children's singer/storyteller Bill Harley was going to be at The Ark in Ann Arbor for a free concert and invited us to come along with them.  I will admit I had never heard of Bill Harley before, but Jen's enthusiasm about him had me convinced it was a 'cannot miss' event.  She actually saw him in concert for the first time 25 years ago!  He has been entertaining the masses for over 30 years and I had no trouble seeing why Jen adored him.  Not only did he sing plenty of funny songs but he told some hilarious stories that were fun whether you were five or eighty-five.  Plus, the concert got 100 times better when Noah's best bud, Jonathan, actually got to go up on stage during the concert!  In my opinion, J stole the show!  He helped Bill perform one of his numbers and you would have honestly thought the comedic masterpiece that ensued had been rehearsed for weeks.  Way to go Mr. J!

We headed back from Ann Arbor the 'long way' (totally on purpose) when fortunately for all of us Noah and Kayla crashed for a bit.  It also gave Grant and I a chance to catch the end of the Lions game, which proved to be a nail biter, though our guys held on!  As I said when I texted my Dad earlier - "The Lions are leading their division. Could this be a sign of the apocalypse?"  We'll take it (especially after after the dismal performance by my Wolverines yesterday....)

Back to normal tomorrow.  And we're celebrating Sundaes.  Alright, my favorite Bean has requested I paint her nails and as she breezed through dinner, has her clothes out for tomorrow and is already bathed I guess she's earned the treat.

Kayla getting ready for the concert

 Jonathan and Noah

 Cutest Kid on-stage ever!

 Jen and Phil - I think J may have a future on the stage ;-)

 Mikayla came back and we set out to make blue playdoh that she needs to take for school on Tuesday

 Kneading it to the perfect shade of blue

 Plain Vanilla

Happy National Vanilla Cupcake Day!


  1. Keith and Grant got to see Raffi when they were the same age.

    1. I saw Raffi as well. Bill Harley is much more story oriented and 'grown-up' friendly in my opinion :)