Friday, November 1, 2013

Pickled Clams

So I already posted about the most exciting part of our day, but just a few quick things to add.  It's been another busy one for sure!

First and foremost - Happy Birthday to my most wonderful, amazing, ridiculously talented, beautiful sister Sarah!  I hope that you had a great day and enjoyed your 'song' this morning.  Mad love and wishes for many happy returns from the Gatchel crew!

Happy National Vinegar Day!  I found this a tough one to celebrate, but finally settled on pickled carrots.  Good choice as everyone here enjoyed them.  Also, Happy National Fried Clams Day!  Another seafood, another happy Gatchel kiddo clan, go figure.  Mom, these totally made me think of you as I made Cream Corn Clam Fritters, which were like hush puppies with pieces of clam in it.    Mikayla polished off three of them.

And last but not least, posts may be limited for the next few days as I'm flying solo and won't have the camera.  Grant and the kiddos are headed to Illinois to visit Grandpa Gary, Uncle Keith and Grandma Minna until Tuesday as both kiddos are off school Monday and Tuesday.  I have a couple of prior commitments here so it'll be just me and Bella ruling the roost.  I've already made foods for Saturday and Sunday to send along with my crew so they can celebrate, so I'll post those and any updates I have from here.  Perhaps Grant will be so kind as to post an update or two from Rockford!

So until the next time...

Pickled Carrots

Clam Fritters frying away

Out of the oil and ready for eating 

Hard to see but these are full of clams and corn - yum!

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