Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Gatchel's go to Frankenmuth

So it's a good thing that no one is planning on me actually telling them about our day today because I have no voice.  Or very little voice at that.  It kind of comes and goes.  And while I'm feeling vastly better than I did on Friday it's still frustrating to not be at 100%.  Especially on today - a day I've been looking forward to for weeks.  So I decided to put on my big girl panties (wish Aunt Shell and Uncle Dudley had brought me a whole new slew of underroos like they did the kiddos yesterday) and enjoy myself to the max.

Which I did.  I love family days.  I especially love family days that are something that we've made an annual occurrence and everyone looks forward to it.  Today was our trip up to Frankenmuth to pick our ornaments at Bronner's!  Yay!

After a breakfast of some amazing homemade cinnamon rolls (Happy National Homemade Bread Day!) we packed up and headed north.  Since Bronner's doesn't open 'til noon on Sunday's we started off with a stop at Birch Run to do some shopping.  Earlier in the week I had promised Noah a new hat (the teddy bear one he got 2 years ago from Grammy Caren didn't fit earlier this week and it was pretty much a 15 minute meltdown about it.  And the one we got him last year is a little snug.  Plus we live in Michigan, more than one winter hat is pretty much a necessity) and gloves if he behaved.  And Kayla had been requesting toe socks so I made her the same deal.  Shopping snagged Kayla new slippers instead and Noah his hat and gloves.  Two super happy kiddos.

We then popped over to A&W for lunch.  What is it about drinking root beer out of a frosted mug that makes it taste even better?  Chili dogs, mini corn dogs and cheese curds consumed we headed off to Bronner's!

You'll have to check out below what everyone ended up picking.  Mad house though it was (I can't imagine what it might be like in a few more weeks) we had a blast.  We checked out ornaments, villages, decorates and just Christmas 'stuff' galore.  And of course took a few obligatory pictures.

We took the scenic route home after a quick stop for a snack.  We were going to stop and explore Frankenmuth for a little bit (we did drive the kids through it) but Grant admitted to being a little tired.  It's probably a really good thing we didn't stop and explore given how the weather was starting to get nasty.  I'm glad that we weren't driving on the highway at 75+mph's in the downpour to be honest.  Plus it was nice to just be together.  Then it was home for some Bread Bowl Soup (did I mention Happy National Homemade Bread Day! ;-) ) and some Baklava for dessert (Happy National Baklava Day, too!)  There's rumor of another round of the princess game with my slipper clad Bean and I need another cup of tea (I will make my voice come back!) so I'm going to wrap this up for the evening.  Playdate for the Bean in the morning and we're going to have some Vichyssoise!  Until then...

Mmmm, cinnamon rolls

 (I tried a new recipe, Kristina, Grant says they rival the other ones...)

 The Bean with her new monster feet slippers

 Noah's hat and gloves

 They even got fun new straws at A&W

 Ready for some lunch

 You don't think she was having a good day, do you?

 Kayla and Daddy pose with Santa

 Noah with the ornaments

 Ready for an ornament hunt

 Mikayla found a princess carriage!

 Noah got a blue glass airplane

 Grant settled on a jingle bell Santa

 And I added to my 'smores collection!

 She insisted on wearing her slippers on the trip home

 Soup Bread Bowls



  1. I'm trying to picture Mikayla by Santa and Noah by the ornaments in a few years - it will be fun to see how much they've grown . . .

  2. Mikayla got a hair cut!

  3. Those cinnamon rolls do look delicious! Forget just wishing for the ability to smell through the computer, I want to be able to taste through it! :) Have you by chance found any "easy enough for Kristina" cinnamon roll recipes?