Saturday, January 5, 2013

Whip It!

 Have you ever played the word association game?  I saw a word and you blurt out the first thing that pops into your head.  OK?  Ready...

Whipped Cream!

Maybe not the best one to start with given how I am sure there was a mind or two out there that headed south very quickly, but given that we're celebrating National Whipped Cream day, it only seemed appropriate :)

I would have said pumpkin pie, in case anyone was wondering.  Borrowing a page from yesterday's blog I believe there are two types of people in the world; those who have whipped cream with their pumpkin pie and those who have pumpkin pie with their whipped cream.  (Sarah, I'm looking at you on the latter one!)

Since I just used the end of my yummy homemade pumpkin puree on a batch of outstanding donuts last week, I decided we'd have to got a different route for today's celebration.  So if it wasn't going to be pumpkin pie - it'd have to be jello!

My kiddos are obsessed with parfaits so I knew they would appreciate this one.  Seriously, I have the kids that don't argue about getting a Happy Meal at McDonald's because they'd much rather have the yogurt parfait.  (Which I am DEFINITELY not complaining about!)

I rounded out my day with a massage (thanks Noah for the Christmas present!) and then home to tackle one of my least favorite chores - cleaning the kids rooms and cleaning out their closets.  But it's done!  And I am thankful for that.  We're set to tackle the play room tomorrow which will be even less thrilling I'm sure.  But we also have a Gatchel tradition tomorrow (here's a hint) that I know will be sure to generate lots of fun pictures.  Plus there's not one but two foods to celebrate tomorrow!  Until then...,

Tell me my orange dreamsicle parfait is not beautiful, I dare ya!

 Lots of whipped cream

 Kayla dug right in

 Not to be outdone...

 I'm not sure if she got more on her or in her

This is what happens when you give Noah and Mikayla jello and whipped cream

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