Monday, January 28, 2013

Blueberry Snow Day

 Last night around 8:30 Grant looks out the window and says to me "I think since it got dark we've gotten about two inches of snow"  Uh-oh...  This was with the knowledge that the temperature was supposed to increase today and what was snow was to turn into ice/sleet and then rain.  Grant had a dentist appointment this morning close to the house so he volunteered to stick around home this morning and then take Noah to school in case the roads turned messy.

So this morning we woke up to light snow/sleet falling and plenty of fog.  I didn't give it much of a thought as I got breakfast around and started getting Noah ready for school.  During a free minute (we know how few and far between those are when you're trying to get the kids out the door!) I checked on Facebook quickly and noticed a post from the local radio station saying that a slew of schools were closed.  The thought hadn't even occurred to Grant or me!  We haven't had any snow days in the two years we've lived here and while it looked messy out it didn't seem enough to cancel school for.

So instead of heading off to school I bundled the kiddos up and we went outside to play in the snow.  The temps were in the high 30's and it was continuing to kind of drizzle but they could have cared less.  While they were occupied I decided to try my hand at shoveling us out.  I was afraid it would half melt and then we'd be left with a giant ice skating rink for a driveway.  A great idea in theory but extremely difficult in theory.  It was some SUPER heavy snow.  One of those snows where you move your shovel about 2 feet and then have to dump because you can't push it any further.  Needless to say it took me not quite two hours just to bail out the driveway!  But given that it was fairly warm out and that the kids were having such a great time (they were learning about traction (and lack thereof) on their bikes!) it was a good way to spend a school free morning!

Which brings us to our celebration of the day - Happy National Blueberry Pancake Day!  A day that brings breakfast for dinner at the Gatchel's is always a happy one.  I think my family would be thrilled to have breakfast for dinner nearly every night.  Even Kayla, who isn't much of a breakfast eater in the morning at times loves it for dinner.  Weird, I know.  It was even more of a celebration here tonight as I poured each of the kiddos their own cup of coffee to have with their meal.  They are so mine and Grant's kids...  The pancakes, by the way, were fabulous!  Mikayla described them as "yummy", Noah said he'd like some strawberries mixed in and Grant said they were super fluffy.  I was pretty amazed with them myself and am calling them 'church pancakes' because after you mix up the batter they have to sit at least an hour before cooking.  Perfect kind to whip up, go to Church and then make, I'm thinking :)

Kid Kitchen tomorrow - we're celebrating corn chips you won't want to miss it!  Until then...

Ready to head outside

 That is some crazy hat hair

 Blueberry pancake yumminess

 I made a couple "kid size"

 Don't you wish you were here?

 Mikayla enjoying her coffee

 Honestly, the only downside for me to the pancakes was I thought they needed more blueberries

Noah and his coffee

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