Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ruing Rhubarb

 I've spent my day being angry at the person out there that came up with this whole list of American Food and Drink Holidays.  I really want to know what they were thinking.  Why oh why have a national holiday for a food that isn't in season ANYWHERE in the United States?  Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?  I mean, how am I supposed to celebrate if I can't even get my hands on the ingredients?

And I tried!  And not some half-hearted "I'll see what I can do"  In my effort to track down rhubarb (for National Rhubarb Pie day today since I failed to mention that) we tried no less than four grocery stores, two produce stores, a Whole Foods and an hour long search online last night.  Grant even tracked down a guy at Kroger who got into his winter gear to search through their freezer section.  We tried!  By that point I had even given up my hope to make the pie myself.  I wasn't even able to find a frozen version of the pie (get on it Sara Lee, Marie Calendar's and Pillsbury!) to go and pick up.  I went even further and would have bought one from a bakery but stuck out that way as well.  Why?  Because rhubarb isn't in season ANYWHERE right now.  Duh!

And honestly, I could probably just let it go but my kids are now invested in the whole project in general (they tell random people what 'national day' it is on a regular basis) but they have been hunting for the rhubarb with me and now really want rhubarb pie!  Noah can even describe it to the store clerks we ask ("it kind of looks like celery, but it's red and very tart" lol).  And given the fact that they are being troopers about trying these new things I want to make sure they get the opportunity.  Silly person who came up with this list...  I've promised the kiddos as soon as rhubarb comes into season I will make them a pie.

In the meantime, I fell back on Plan B and we're celebrating National Egg month today.  I decided to try something new and whipped up a bacon and cheese fritata.  So breakfast (or brunch) for dinner at the Gatchel's tonight...  And no rhubarb.  (Does it show that I'm a little bitter?)

On a happier note, the strawberry muffins from yesterday were a huge hit at school!  Noah shared with everyone that he had made them and his teacher was most impressed.  They even took some over to share with the teacher of the other class so they could brag up Noah's cooking skills ;-)  It was evident that my favorite little man got a good ego boost out of the experience.

We are trying (desperately in my case) to stay warm here in Michigan.  We're hoping to catch up with my friend, Angie and her adorable twosome tomorrow for some lunch.  Until then...

It's not rhubarb but it's a damn pretty fritata ;-)

Brunch for dinner

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  1. Hmmm. Rhubarb, huh. Can't say that I'm sad for you. Don't particularly like the stuff. Mixed with strawberries it's pretty good. Had rhubarb/strawberry relish once. Would do that again. But "no" to the pie. The fritata is beautiful! Looks very yummy.